Resident Evil 5 With Move Controls? Better Than You'd Think

Kotaku: When Capcom showed survival horror game Resident Evil 5 being playing with PS3 Move motion controls at last year's Tokyo Game Show, Kotaku quietly snickered to themseleves. No, actually, it may have been audible. Boy, was Kotaku ever wrong.

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Alcon Caper2945d ago

Uh, the Wii version wasn't precise? I think it was a little bit TOO precise. If you ever played it, you'd notice how difficult it was to aim because it really detected every slight movement of the controller.

Hope they fix that in the RE5 Move version. Could be fun.

nycredude2945d ago

Alcon Caper

If it was difficult to aim then I would call that imprecise, not "too" precise. LOL

Alcon Caper2945d ago

Oh...yeah I guess you're right.

Alcon Caper2945d ago

no wait a sec... wouldn't it mean the player was imprecise..not the controller? If the controller was imprecise, it wouldn't register much movement at all...but if it is overly precise, then it would register every movement of the player...hence, the player is what lacks precision, no?

vhero2945d ago

Been replaying Res 5 a lot lately so hopefully be ready for when it's released with all my weapons :).

rockleex2945d ago

Jokes aside, I just might get RE5 when the PS Move support comes out.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Note: RE 5 Gold Edition will be patched for Move, don't buy the normal Edition.

-Mezzo-2945d ago

I think i'll get the Game again when i buy Move, I sold it once i was done with it but now i really wanna see/feel how Move works with it.

blusoops2945d ago

Why not try Socom4 instead. You'll get to see what move is like and get a complete new experience.

PopEmUp2945d ago

so true, why waste money

Ult iMate2945d ago

If he want RE5, then why shouldn't he buy RE5?
The Move lineup is good because there are variety of core games for it. So no need to argue about tastes in games - you just buy the game you like and play it with Move.
Like KB said: "You know who wins? Everyone!" ))) .

stuntman_mike2945d ago

the game im waiting to try on Move is Sorcery. looking very good!

Tony-A2945d ago

That's really the only reason I'm getting the Move. Resident Evil seems fit for motion gameplay.

I'll have to try Sorcery, too, but any other game I'll probably be using the good ol' DS3.

Ult iMate2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

There will be also a new Ape Escape game for Move, if you like action-adventure games like Sorcery.
And SOCOM/Killzone for those of us who likes to pew-pew thing up. ))) .
But ofcourse RE5 includes both good action and adventure if someone want to try Move for the first time with a familiar game. Like me. ))) .

zorglub2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I'm getting Move too. It's not a big shit like Kinect, I mean there are nice core games for it, it doesn't cost 150$, and there's no 1 sec lag.

Still, I think I'll enjoy even more watching retards paying for Kinect on 360. Go on kids, buy Kinect and show how retarded you are deep inside. Let's dance with the tiger.

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The story is too old to be commented.