The Ten Most Outrageous Games Industry Quotes

NowGamer: Given they spend most of their time stringing together zeros and ones, it’s no surprise game developers don’t make the best public speakers. So kick back and guffaw at ten of the rudest, weirdest, and most ridiculous quotes to come out of the videogame industry…

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Bereaver2915d ago

You know what the growing problem with this world is? The insecurity of a man's masculinity.

It's ridiculous that a man can't go and say what he really wants to with the fear of someone calling him a "pussy", "faggot", "emo" or any other world in that big book called high school that somehow managed to work it's way up to adult hood.


PS: Kojima is a poet.

Feckles2915d ago

And he doesn't even know it.

Conloles2915d ago

Heres one - "599 US DOLLARS!"

djfullshred2915d ago

LOL, I say cut off the dangling member if you aren't going to be a man. LMAO at weak crybaby dudes.

jimmins2915d ago

The Itagaki one is pretty borderline. Scratch that, it's mental.

Reibooi2915d ago

It's mental because what? The difference in culture? Things are different in Japan. Age things are also different and what he said is probably not viewed as wrong by most people in Japan.

It really annoys me when someone tears a individual apart based on difference in culture. It's a known FACT the Japanese are MUCH more open about sexual things and alot of the time it doesn't bother people. This is why there is public bathing with other people and what not. They don't view it as something wrong. Yet people look down on Japan because they have different views? Pathetic it really is.

Seferoth752915d ago

I know can you believe people do that stuff? Like they are right and the people of Japan are wrong...

Let's look down on them because they have different views... You know cause our opinion is right and theirs is wrong....

cobraagent2915d ago

"People who play RPGs are depressed gamers who sit alone in dark rooms and play slow games"
Good point Nintendo

Aphe2915d ago

"you know you can get the stuff from Bittorrent if you want and download PSP games"
Good point Sony

spooky2052915d ago

"you know things break."

good point microsoft.


"i hate how they potray us in the media, kinect doesnt care about black people."

good point kayne west.


Aphe2915d ago

Lol, that video is priceless :P

RememberThe3572915d ago

These quotes make me outraged!

likedamaster2915d ago

You either forgot to add "/sarcasm" or you really ARE a tool.

RememberThe3572915d ago

Some one would say that seriously?

booni32915d ago

they forgot the final fantasy 7 remake would take thirty years quote.

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