Updated: Prices and Content | PlayStation Plus Explained

Update on the Playstation+ prices and terms of use, from the PSN product Manager on the EU playstation Blog. Includes a list pf EU territory prices and all the content for the 1st 2 months.

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Pennywise2769d ago

Really, Sony is offering great savings for people with this program but it seems to cater to all of the people not spending money on the store to begin with.

I own all of the special offers for the first two months... Why would I ever sign up for this program? Sony is just screwing their loyal customers.

dangert122769d ago

don't take it so personal its early days things will get better it just they can't give away the newer stuff they would lose quiet a big profit,things will get better its early days and for people like me who were interested in lpb whipeout etc its great just hold on you'll get your stuff soon

Pennywise2769d ago

I am not taking it personal. Sony has obviously planned for this service to sell to the core gamers on their network. This plan will not benefit anyone unless they spend a good amount of money in the store over a year.

They are offering games and DLC that most of those people already own. So the value on the package is not as good for someone like me. Out of all the stuff offered in the first two months, the only things I don't own are the Heavy Rain avatars... and that is $1.00 total. Where is the value for someone like me?(Which happens to be their target demographic)

dangert122769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

yeah i see what your saying there you never know i've seen ps3 early core adapters complainng about whats set to release everywhere sony will smarten up just give them time

yes it is optional but its ment for the core gamer and if its offering what the core gamer already has then why not compain it will become a better service if these core players with there stuff don't subscribe in the first to months sony will have to re asess the plans as there taking the core game out the frame as they already have it will early adapters lol

extermin8or2769d ago

thing is I'd consider myself a core gamer its just I won't use a credit card on something like this so I had to wait for psn cards, and since then ive just bought dlc mainly so, I will probably get this

Zydake2768d ago

Ign video about ps+ ignore the iPhone 4 stuff

Dac2u2768d ago

@Pennywise: Just think of how much you won't have to buy in the next year or two, if you have the subscription. Sure, you'll probably own most of what they offer throughout the next few months, but when new stuff starts coming to the PSN, you'll be getting discounts and freebies.

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pork_chop_express2768d ago


true they should start with soldner x2 and joe danger but then again i already have those LOL :)

Boody-Bandit2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Why not give the new Plus members options to choose from? I have all this content already as well. How about giving us the option to unlock SSFIV costume packs or give us several PSN games to choose from and allow us to pick one we might not already own? I never purchased LBP but I rented it for an extended period of time. I don't know how much use I could get out of it now even though there is a ton of new content for it. Then again I always wanted to pick it up just to add to my collection.

They need to make it more appealing so they can attract a wider install base right out of the gate. I am going to jump on board any way but more of a here yah go Sony, hope this helps the cause. Now lets get this party started and kick it into high gear. ALL ABOARD!

atticus142768d ago

Everyone should keep in mind that premium content will most likely come from games that are related to Sony's studios. But at least the good news is Sony is responsible for a crap-ton of good games.

I wouldn't expect too much from 3rd parties outside of avatars and discounted add-on packs (once the initial sells dry up). But I guess we will see who the more generous corporations are (or at least desperate for sells) by what they let Sony offer... I'll bet 10 bucks Activision won't make the "generous list"

if only PSN+ would have insane deals like steam. Wait, what was that announcement at E3? Out of the gate PSN+ doesn't seem THAT great, but when you look to it as an investment for the month 12 your going to have 40+ games, a decent amount of avaters and themes and discounts for the DLC for Sony's big exclusives which there are a lot of. And the value only goes up if you own a psp as well, since those games work with it too.

I hate DLC and the thought of paying for it, and for people in a similar boat this will be an epic deal, those who are big spenders will be shafted in the beginning but eventually things will add up for you, and if you really are big spenders, the discounts to the DLC should pay for your first years sub.

My only hope is that psn+ subs can eventually be commonly had for 30-40 dollars much like xbox live cards nowadays, then the service is a steal...

Rainstorm812768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Early adopters get LBP free to keep even past your subscription i mena its like the damn service pays for its self after the first someone like me who buys Dynamic themes avatars games and DLC plus is great in the long run ill save mooney because i buy tons of stuff from PSN.

I own a few things given away the first 2 months as well butover the course of the next 12 DLC will appear on PS+ and i wont have to buy it it would be part of my subscription, Add MMO playability to PS+ and im all set.

I own XBL and feel like if i dont play any games online im wasting my money. I hate that feeling.


ThanatosDMC2768d ago

I'd choose to get some free movies over some of these games... most of them i all ready own.

Red-Dead-Roar2768d ago

totally agree. plus is awesome for new ps3 owners. core gamers supporting ps3 since launch are getting screwed.

dantesparda2768d ago

"Premium Game Element" and is that free and "keepable" or is one of the things you have to give back? Also what the the "Push Demo"?

goflyakite2768d ago

Ya it's annoying looking at the upcoming games and seeing that you've already bought them. I'm still getting it but..

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xYLeinen2769d ago

Obviously this needs to be mentioned again.

PSN + is SERVICE and is 100% optional. It's a way to expand the online service for those who are INTERESTED, and most importantly for Sony it's a way to earn a bit more profit so they can continue to expand the online service.

N4GAddict2768d ago

Yeah, I don't really get the complaints at all.

HaVoK3082768d ago

Still not cross-game chat or party system? Is this some kind of fucking joke. The one thing Gamers ask repeatedly for is no where to be seen. Although as usual its promised. Ill pass.

T9X692768d ago

It seems as if the Playstation Blog Share is pretty much useless. X game chat has been at #1 since the release of the blog, yet Sony still refuses to comment on it other than "its in the works". I hate having to type a damn text message when I'm playing a single player game, thankfully most of my PSN friends own an Xbox so I can just hop into a party, talk on XBL and play on PS3 :)

seij5552768d ago

They're working on it at least. Chill dude.

SpaceFox2768d ago

PS Blog Share IS useless. I sumbitted 2 great ideas there and they didnt even appear. They were duplicate either.

thebudgetgamer2768d ago

i know a lot of people are and i think they should have it. for me cross-party is what i really want.

Sigh2768d ago

cross game chat will be separate. It will not come with PS+. Havn't they stressed this already?

tinybigman2768d ago

complaining that there's no cross game chat(which i find useless) realize that Microsoft has a PATENT on it so Sony can't implement it without paying M$ millions of dollars.

so until they find a way to put it in without having to pay M$ quit your goddamn bitching and enjoy the great games you have.

goflyakite2768d ago

Nobody is really asking for it that I know.


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SpaceFox2768d ago

This program maybe would be worth it if you could choose from a small list for each category. I'm not interested in any of that except Wipeout HD. Maybe if LBP came for the US also then I'd subscribe, but atm it's not looking good.

acere2768d ago

time for that 500gb hd good times.

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