David Jaffe's Last Day At Sony

A brief overview (by David Jaffe) of his plans after detaching from Sony. New projects revealed and Jaffe's thoughts on the future of his career.

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Phantom_Lee3921d ago

he will be fine~
I wonder what game he is going to make for the PS3/PSN...and when I said "I wonder" I mean I want a new Twisted Metal Black...there~ I say it..

ps3603921d ago

twisted metal that good. i mean its just cars blowing up other cars.

Phantom_Lee3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

sometimes the most simple games can be really fun~ car combat is one of them....and I like Black because I really enjoyed the story...

I can not say for sure you will have to try it yourself...thats just the way it is..

PS360PCROCKS3921d ago

Twisted Metal has always been one my favorites like Mortal Kombat it was my PS1 days haha...

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Twisted Metal 2 is one of the greatest games ever made. Even when compared to the next-gen games, the gameplay and pure fun factor of TM2 makes it a must play. You will not see a car action game compare to the this, not even twisted 3 or 4 or black can touch twisted metal 2.
PS360 above: In my opinion MK 2 was also the best of the series blowing away 3 and 3 ultimate. Only now are they catching back up to the glory of MK2
Me and my niggers be keepin it real in the dirty south!

drtysouf213921d ago

Still waiting for that address. I'm flattered you devote so much time to me. Proves me right again and again.

Kleptic3921d ago

like mentioned above...TM 2 is one of the best ever...3 and 4 were not made by Jaffe/singletrac however...and it really showed...the games took a totally different concept on the physics...they tried to make it more realistic or something...and TM 3 and 4 ended up being terrible on nearly every level...

once Incognito took up control again of the franchise...things returned to being great...TM: Black is one of the best PS2 games ever made...and Head On for the PSP was equally awesome, although returned to continue the story of 1 and 2 (black had nothing to do with the orginal 2, but used some of the same characters)...

I will defintely be buying this port of Head on...Black Part II or whatever is enough of a reason for me in the first place...but, just like this Wipout HD thing, I really want a full blown PS3 built from the ground up...that would be a long way away...but if/when it does happen, would be awesome...

Twisted Metal 1, 2, and Black are still untouchable to this day on offline multiplayer imo...Right up there with Goldeney back the in day...I could spend 36 hours of straight TM 2 non stop with a friend of mine...on a regular basis...while Halo and Quake III for the DC were also really really fun offline multiplayer games...pretty much nothing else comes close...

its wierd though that the first game I have ever played that could potentially be more fun offline (and online for that matter, but TM 1 and 2 never had that...and barely anyone ever played Black: Online) is Warhawk...which is made by Incognito, and a lot of the guys that did the original TM's...

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nomad1173921d ago

then full auto 2 i expect a great game like the first but it sucked hope the 3rd installment will be better like he said car combat is crazy fun

PS360PCROCKS3921d ago

Who is going to make God Of War than!? I hope the 3rd installment is just as good once he is gone...

Phantom_Lee3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

I wouldn't worry too much about God of War 3....since the 2nd one was made by other guy(Cory Barlog I think )...even though Jeff was involved with the project...but the role is not as big as the first GOD

ps3603921d ago

he should be thinking on GOW3. its one of his best franchises

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