Singularity: The Second Ten Minutes In 720p

Watch the second ten minutes of Singularity in 720p:

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Inside_out2857d ago

The game play in this clip looks exactly like Bioshock. Not saying it looks bad, it doesn't, just looks like Bioshock.

Montrealien2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

You ge the time control mechanic and the levitate and the cooler guns about 40 minutes in, it really is a fruit salade of gimmicks that all work pretty well. For example, the puzzles.

At one point you need to lift a garage door up, for that you need to make a box age rapidly with the glove till its rotted and small, slide it under the garage door with your levitate and then bring the box back to new to lift the door. the glove is also a powerful melee weapon and you can attack enemies with it making the age until the point where the turn to dust.

The story is cool and its the first original IP from Raven since Soldier of Fortune and that alone is reason enough for a look imho. I am having a blast with it, ironicly, the violent aspect of Soldier of Fortune is very present in this game. It is pretty cool imho and offers much more then your typical run of the mill fps shooterall while staying true to the old school shooter form. Don`t hate and judge based on a few videos, try this game out, you may actually be suprised, I know I was.

And having spent about 2-3hours in the single player campaing, I can confirm that this no a bioshock clone.