New Lair screens from final build of the game

Lair has been completed. It has also been dated for release sometime in August. Following the announcement, Factor 5 have released some updated screenshots of the game from what is believed to be the final build of the game and yes they look very beautiful.

Check them out yourself after the jump.

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techie3950d ago

please attach the ones showing the grass. For me :)

TriggerHappy3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

I've attached a bunch ...HUGE fire upgrade

techie3950d ago

huge grass upgrade too! I mean...remember that sprite grass? Look at it now!

TriggerHappy3950d ago

yeah i can see that and man the lightening has been improved as well..looks marvelous...

MK_Red3950d ago

Agreed with both of you. Both fire and grass have been upgraded. Specially grass which looks simply awesome now. This game is going to be a killer. Hope the gameplay and other elements are as good as the graphics and we can have an instant classic in our hands.

ShAkKa3949d ago

seen the big improvments graphically on this game and warhawk is what make me so hype about the upcoming games in the near future,remember how stunning killzone looks at e3 now imaging how it will look when completed!

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Loudninja3950d ago

The grass the fire the dragons everything looks better

Komrad3950d ago

These are pretty sweet! SOLD.

Snake_Doctor3950d ago

I will have to have the wife pick this one up on release day. Or better yet I may have to call in sick that day.

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The story is too old to be commented.