Bungie reveals two all-new Halo 3 single-player missions

Bungie invited a small group of journalists from around the world to preview Halo 3's single-player campaign mode this week. It marked the first time campaign had been played by non-Bungie personnel.

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THAMMER13922d ago

Co-op with the wife is the best quality time a gamer can have.

nirwanda3922d ago

looks good but I'd take the revolutionary bioshock any day over this

PS360PCROCKS3922d ago

I only disagreed because as I too love love Bioshock, I prefer the huge massive battles of Halo and explosions everywhere than the more slightly linear smaller battles of Bioshock, but who knows which my favorite will be...

Dr Pepper3922d ago

While I understand what your saying, I think the Halo series have always had a linear feel. In Bioshock, you can explore an entire underwater city on your own, making it very unstructured gameplay. While in Halo, everything is planned out beforehand. That's my opinion.

nirwanda3922d ago

the last thing I would describe bioshock as is linear all the small battles can be taken on in your own style the game has no levels what so ever,
the story changes deepening on your choices apparently you can mutate your body to look like a little sister so the big daddies will protect you or you can mutate yourself to look like a big daddy so the sister will collect adam for you.
it will the cleverest fps ever made even though it won't have a million baddies on screen at once.

MoonDust3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

I don't know why this guy felt like saying he prefers Bioshock i don't know how that attribute to this thread at all.

@pepper. They are completely different games. Halo has a story line. You are given a objective, you can get there how you like.

360Crusader3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

Hey man dont misunderstand me. Bioshock looks awesome. But please dont compare it with Halo. Halo was here long before that game. And as I was saying below you gotta play Halo with your friends man to get the full halo experience.

nirwanda3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

the reason I brought up bioshock was because halo revolutionized the fps by giving the enemy proper ai routines and squad mechanics unlike say medal of honor where it was walk so many steps and the guy appears there in the same place every time
halo2 revolutionized console online gaming
now I know neither game is out yet but looking what bioshock is doing for the fps genera with it truly sandbox gameplay and clever use of environment and other enemies this looks like being the new experience that halo 1 was when i got my xbox 1 was at launch.

Dr Pepper3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

@ MoonDust and 360Crusader

I realize that they are very different games (Bioshock and Halo), but I came across this and I thought I'd comment with my opinion, as both are FPS 360 games being released somewhat close to each other (that is why I felt compelled to compare). I realize Halo has this huge reputation and history, 360Crusader, and that Halo has a storyline, MoonDust (I don't really know why you brought that up, since pretty much every game has a storyline). Both will be really good games and sorry I got a little off topic.

nirwanda, you bring up a good point about revolutionary gameplay. I have a feeling Bioshock will be the next game to revolutionize the genre as well.

MoonDust3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

What i meant by a story line was that you can't choose who you want to battle or how. Bioshock is sort of a puzzle game, Halo is more of a war game, you have to fight your way through and take control of this area controlled by the enemy or stop them from doing something. Both will be great games. Respect Pepper/Nirwanda, respect.

PS360PCROCKS3922d ago

wow did that garner alot of responses...I agree with pretty much all you're saying, I wasn't referring Bioshock to a linear game, it's just a little more enclosed and the battles are much much smaller, both will be great in their own right. Bubbles to all for good conversation.

Dr Pepper3922d ago


Indeed, bubble to you as well.

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FirstknighT3922d ago

5 million pre-orders and still rising...

PS360PCROCKS3922d ago

"The Scarab conflict from mission four is said to have more on-screen baddies than all the enemies and allies combined from the first mission of Halo: Combat Evolved. "That just gives you an idea of the scale that we're going for" explained Jaime Griesmer, lead sandbox designer for Bungie. "And these are not even the largest encounters in the game; the size really ramps up as you go through."

Holy! That's alot of stuff going on!! Haha and they get bigger? This game is going to be epic...

360Crusader3922d ago

Its gonna be fun. I think what most people dont get is that by just looking at halo it dont look like its much better then other FPS games. Still looks good to me. But to truly get the Halo experience you have to play online with friends and family. And even after your done playing it doesn't end their. I mean you can sit there and talk about what happened, and who killed who lol for hours. I mean Halo to me is just the all around full package of what you can get out of a game.

Funky Town_TX3922d ago

Hit me up on xbox live, FOHAMMER is the tag. I now play R6V the most.

360Crusader3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

Hey man cool I wrote your name tag down. Due too certain events all my stuff is currently off. I will probaly be getting a new name too so when I get it back up and running I'll look you up. And when I do get it I will pm you my new tag. Its funny b/c I've been playing R6V offline the last few days.

Below me oh yeah they were good years. And yeah they would be still be fun.
Its a shame that everyone doesnt experience Halo with friends atleast once in their lives.

i Shank u3922d ago

when im out with friends drinking now, we still talk about halo memories, and then how we wish we could get the entire 03/04 years back. halo 1 system link parties, they still sound fun

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