Metal Gear Solid 4/Online 1UP Impressions

Konami's Ryan Payton gives juicy Metal Gear Solid details.

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razer3891d ago

Is the absolute worst for streaming videos.. They completely suck.

Thank you for your time.

infamouskilla993891d ago

if u dun like it juss dont wait for it jesus

IchigoBleach3891d ago

The demonstration was hilarious and awesome at the same time! Clearly shaping up to be a tremendously superb game come next year.

PS-Wii-603891d ago

it means Standard Operating Procedure.

Unless, of course, it means something else for MGO.
Either way the point is moot, cause even though we might not know exactly what the acronym stands for, he goes on to tell us what the new feature encompasses =/
Brilliant strategy =P

madness3890d ago

Check out the latest Kojima Production Report Podcast #50 and they will tell your SOP does not mean Standard Operating Procedure in the MGS4 universe.

hotshot12373890d ago

i could see metal gear solid online goin 2 360 bcuz it would make sense. hideo knows that mgs4 probably wouldnt sell well on 360 bcuz it usually sticks wit the hardcore fan base. but i can see 360 owners pickin up the online game bcuz they seem 2 love online so i woulnt be surprised. im not tryna start rumors but why would they make 2 different games. unless they just want 2 focus on each at one time. or they would make more money by people picking up both but notice they were talking about halo gamers and stuff so they might want 2 attract them 2 the 360 owners but why wouldnt they just have announced it already. idk just my opinion. so while i dont think the metal gear 4 will ever go 2 360, i do think online will but it seems like everything with them has 2 do with sony.(cell phone mgs sony) and this video somewhat explains how much DIFFERENT this game is while still attracting old mgs fans.

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