Postal III - Comic-Con 07 Exclusive Pre-Visual Cam Gameplay

Get an up-close first look at Postal 3 in action as the series returns with even more chaos and mayhem.

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MK_Red3886d ago

This is unfair, the video was posted 2 minutes ago when I wanted to post it but got "Story is being submitted by TnS"! You are quick :)

Nice footage, I dont care what they say about Postal game and the fact the terrible Uwe Boll has made Postal movie, Postal 3 is still hot for me and I cant wait to try it. Hopefully the devs stay true to their promise of going for the most humorous approach not just trying to push the envelope of violence and gore. (Althought thats totally welcomed by my account)

TnS3886d ago

It is just luck. :)

Looks like the ragdoll physics is not yet finished.

MK_Red3886d ago

Agreed. Both physics and AI are unfinished but it looks really promising with great attention to detail. Also, for a pre-alpha, pre-visuals game, Postal III looks really good IMO.

That dog weapon is a nice spoof of Gears Chainsaw!

Wingen3885d ago

Then what's the point in you posting, eh?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3885d ago

Because I have no other words to discribe what it was I was looking at. I wanted to say somthing but couldn't and still can't think of anything to say about this game. May be i talk to much or "type" to much I dont freaking know, so no comment.

MK_Red3886d ago

I wonder if it will be more GTAish with cars. Can he drive cars in the game?

I see that the have blood-decals & gore like original Hitman and games like Soldier of Fortune. Hope they keep all the content in the game without getting AO (Or at least release some kind of unrated version along with normal one).

razer3886d ago

that was just terrible on so many levels..

SpaceCowgirl3886d ago

I loved Postal 2, I even bought the Expansion and loved that as well. I was expecting so much from this game, but so far it just seems like the exact same game just with prettier graphics. I am kind of disappointed so far, I hope that they soon start showing off like their plans to make it even better than postal 2.

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