Midway locks in Stranglehold date

Two years and three Electronic Entertainment Expos ago, Midway announced Stranglehold, a pseudo-sequel to the 1992 action film Hard-Boiled made in cooperation with the film's director John Woo and star Chow Yun-Fat. Previously set to be on shelves by "fall or holiday" of 2006, Midway pushed the title back to the first quarter of 2007. Having missed that release window, Midway said it would have the game out by August.

The long wait appears to be nearing an end, as a Midway representative today nailed down exact release dates for GameSpot. The Xbox 360 and PC editions of Stranglehold will apparently keep to Midway's most recently stated timeframe, arriving August 27. However, the PlayStation 3 version of the game is now set for September 17.

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MK_Red3951d ago

Dammit, thats a big delay for PS3 version and the remastered HD version of Hard Boiled I cant wait for.

PS360PCROCKS3951d ago

damn what the hell? as if their is enough huge games set for release in September...360 version for me so I can play through this before Halo, UT and GTA

Rhezin3950d ago

dammit! those idiots! an August 6th release date, like they previously said, would have been PERFECT its about three weeks away from all the big ones like MoH: Airborne, Bioshock, and blacksite. DAMMIT NOW WE HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER MONTH.

Hayabusa 1173950d ago

Damn! I was hoping it would be the begining of August. I'll get this and Bioshock, while I wait for Halo 3.