Blu-ray v. HD DVD: Can You Believe This Is Still a Debate?

Blu-ray adoption is gradually killing HD DVD, or at least that's how it appears. Retail advantages, bigger support base in Hollywood, and a slightly cheaper PlayStation 3 all suggest that the Sony-backed medium will ultimately prevail over Toshiba's HD DVD.

"We are starting to see the pendulum swing slowly in [Blu-ray's] direction," says Chris Roden, analyst with Parks Associates. "Recent retail developments, support from major Hollywood studios, and inclusion of the format in the PlayStation 3 puts the Blu-ray format in the lead."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3954d ago

Paramount I think announced they will start focusing more on blu ray with special features. So I don't care, to me blu ray already won, I have a PS3 and I'm already renting Blu ray.

Mikelarry3954d ago

This Format war will be over so that i can finaly get my hi def player im still sitting on the fence till one becomes the crystal clear winner

beardtm3954d ago

Too many HD-DVD Vs Blu-Ray "stories" on N4G.

There aint a winner yet, there aint gonna be for quite some time either.

And it has nothing to do with Microsoft.

Give the debate a rest for a while.

nomad1173954d ago

ain't isn't a word just putting it out there that word does not make you sound any smarter

Adamalicious3954d ago

if by "quite some time" you mean the next two months then I might be able to agree with you. I don't think HD-DVD will survive holiday 2007 - there's just too much marketing money flying around that no one is going to want to split between competing formats.

Ugly American3954d ago

Ain't USED to be not a word. Ain't is in fact a word since it was added to the Webster's Dictionary years ago... like almost 15 to 20 years ago. It is still crappy English, but it is a word. So there.

Loudninja3954d ago

-Entertainment in Video Announces Blu-ray Support

-Tartan Video announce exclusive Blu-ray support

-Razor Digital Exclusively Blu-ray

-Questar Goes Blu-ray Exclusive

-Target to Sell Blu-ray Players Exclusively

-BJ's Goes Blu-ray Exclusive

-Optimum Announces Blu-ray Support

Woolworths go Blu-ray exclusive.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx3954d ago

Even with all of these pathetic attempts by sony to win anyway possible, HDDVD is still outselling blur-ray. The reason the war is still on is because sony is dumping a pile of money on the market to support blur-ray. Even with this though people still realize that there are no advantages to blur-ray. It only costs more, and scratches easier than HDDVD. There is a good chance that the better format will still win after all the sony BS is settled.

cdzie13954d ago

HD DVD Players continue to sell better than Blu-ray players.

drtysouf213954d ago

Still waiting for that address buddy. I'm flattered you devote so much attention to me. Proves me right more and more.

StateofMind3954d ago

Umm...Blu-ray has not been "losing" for the past several months now. Nor are HD-DVD players selling better than Blu-ray players. That bit of mis-information came from the HD-DVD camp itself, and excluded PS3's while including 360 HD-DVD add-ons.

Blu-ray is winning on all fronts and shows no signs of slowing down.

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Bathyj3954d ago

Thats why this stupid war needs to end. Its hurting the HD movies industry overall. Universal is not doing hollywood any favours.

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