Oblivion flies in Japan

After Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata, it seems another 360 RPG, Oblivion, is causing a bit of a stir in Japan.

Spike, who had secured the Japanese publishing rights to Bethesda's RPG epic, has announced that some 35,000 copies of Oblivion were sold when it went on sale yesterday – which considering how roundly unpopular the 360 is over there, isn't too shabby.

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Chexd3795d ago

and well deserved too! :D

sticky doja3795d ago

I just hope they enjoy the game is much as I did.

Phantom_Lee3795d ago

I have to agree...consider its Japan and on Xbox360...35,000 copies is not bad...but one question..sold or ship?

cookiemonster3795d ago

1.) Selling to a retailer is considered sold, by the publishers perspective.

2.)It's hard to get retailers to stock the item unless there is demand for it. (Especially for the xbox360 in Japan). So it's pretty safe to assume that those numbers are pretty high for a 360 title in Japan.

3.)Most of these 360 games are selling through online retailers (i.e. which are more accurate estimates of shipped:sale ratios.

Effects Guardian3795d ago

Oblivion is a fantastic game. I'm glad that they get to experience what we've been experiencing as well. I'm also glad that the Japanese audience embrace it as much as we do.

cloud3603794d ago

The western rpg is not a fantastic game. western rpg like oblivion suck co*k. oh, masterchief sir are you listening to me.

Jaopanese rpgs like Final Fantasy X (best game i played in my life) is more like it. now that kick asss.

Robotz Rule3795d ago

Oblivion is by far one of the greatest game ever!

My 360 version got busted:(

But then I got it again but this time for my PS3:)

Good to hear the 360 doing good.

mikeslemonade3795d ago

Impressive sales, yes, but MS isn't making any money in Japan much less they aren't even making money anywhere else, so in Japan they're losing probably a lot more. They might as well pull out. The only way 360 will sell is if they get all the major RPGS exclusively which isn't happening.

uxo223795d ago

The story wasn't about Microsoft making any money. It's about oblivion, you guys never pass up an opportunity to flame MS.

DG3795d ago

Honestly who cares if Sony or Microsoft make money give me the games. Do you fanboys have money invested in their stocks or some $#!T.

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The story is too old to be commented.