30 Killzone 2 Screengrabs from the E3 '07 HD trailer

Take a look at this huge gallery of Killzone 2 screengrabs taken from the E3 '07 HD trailer shown earlier this month.

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aiphanes3952d ago

Also I would love to have a demo of this level that they showed up on the PSN network.

Tru_Blu3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

shameless plug

BluHavik on the PSN

I'm a noob on resistance, better get me while u can.

BTW, that killzone 2 trailer/price cut sold me on ps3, heavenly sword demo short but sweet justifies it.

Also Mallard5000 on xbox live, but I never paid the fee. How can u tell me I pay 400 for the box then I have to pay to play online? Them sorry stats are from the first 3 days I had it, Oblivion took over then.

achira3952d ago

this game looks fantastic, and is my most awaited game, beside ff13 and mgs4

Caxtus7503952d ago

nice BUT is this news? We can all screen capture a trailer or pause if needs be.....

Rattles3951d ago

wat and halo screens are??? just asking

Daz3951d ago

Did you even read what he said ? maybe you dont understand him well but halo 3 scans from a mag are new not old so its different from tacking them from a trailer we seen a while ago you get what i mean?
Anyway whats halo got to do with this.

KIllzone looks great and im defently going to buy this when its released.

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The story is too old to be commented.