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Final Fantasy Agito XIII Has Harsh Visualizations of War

Andriasang: Square Enix's Hajime Tabata is likely to be busy over the next few months as The 3rd Birthday approaches its Winter release.

But, simultaneous with the Parasite Eve followup, Tabata is also directing another major PSP title, Final Fantasy Agito XIII. While development on this is trailing The 3rd Birthday, Tabata wasn't too shy to answer a few questions in a recent interview conducted in Dengeki PlayStation. (Final Fantasy Agito XIII, PSP)

Millionaire  +   1767d ago
I think this game will push me to buy the PSP instead of the 3ds.
Nugundam0079  +   1767d ago
please get off your high horse-theyve been talking about this cellphone turned psp game for almost two years now-The 3DS is bringing something new..so if you want to be satisfied playing old tech thats cool, but passing up a new experience on a new console so you can can have more of the same on an old one? c'mon.
Millionaire  +   1767d ago
" please get off your high horse"

Me thinks you should follow your own advice.
pinkyxyz  +   1767d ago
good job douche
now go take a nap
Stephen5543  +   1767d ago
It does look great...
Though it was announced for the PSP back when it switched from being developed for cell phones, which was like 2 years ago. For all we know it could see a release on both systems. 3DS will be more powerful so they could easily make it look good on both...so yeah, maybe you wouldnt have to be pushed into buying the PSP (especially since it isnt getting as many games as it used to...which greatly saddens me)

Personally I would love to see this be released on both the PSP and the 3DS. It would give the game a wider audience, and a greater chance to succeed.
Ravage27  +   1767d ago
wtf is wrong with you??

Peacewalker + 3rd Birthday + KH:Birth by Sleep = more than enough reasons to buy a PSP this year

And lol at the irony
Spenok  +   1765d ago
If i didnt already have a PsP, this might just be the reason to buy one, BUT then again Peace Walker would have probably gotten me to buy one already xD
darthdevidem01  +   1767d ago
SE is beating a dead horse, by the time this is out PSP will be dead and PSP2 will be on the way.

I am so worried about this games sales.
Gene  +   1767d ago
Why are you saying it's dead? Psp has amazing games best handheld that I ever owned and I had the original gameboy game gear gameboy color gba ds lite yeah the psp is the best.Think I know more then you.
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Stephen5543  +   1767d ago
the "Best"?
That's subject to your opinion. PSP is the best? Well, if it is to you, then great, but that doesnt mean that it actually is the "best" you have to look at its sales. PSP sales are dropping.

Last year PSPs sold (worldwide) 10,172,990 units which is 26% less then it's previous year, and sales for the PSP are declining. Software wise it sold 37,098,762 units.(this is every game that was purchased new worldwide) Yeah that sounds like a lot, but worldwide and compared to every other system, that is not good. The DS nearly has triple the software sales with 143,713,536 units sold last year.

With the PSP slowly dying off (sale's wise) and the DS getting a successor (the 3DS) it will be a dumb choice for this to be an exclusive game for the PSP. If you like the PSP, that's fine and dandy. I'm glad, I like the PSP too, but dont troll someone and claim you know more then them when you clearly dont. The PSP IS dying.
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Kurisu  +   1767d ago
I don't use my PSP anymore. The only reason I still own one is for this game.
rockleex  +   1767d ago
Peace Walker
Nuff said.
zatrox  +   1767d ago
"Final Fantasy Agito XIII Has Harsh Visualizations of War"
What else would you expect? Seriously. Bet there's also a happy-go-lucky character like Vanille running around everywhere when people's getting killed. Typical FF dialog.

Huh? You can't deny the typical Final Fantasy dialog goes like that.
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Namikaze_Minato  +   1767d ago
Get a life.
rockleex  +   1767d ago
The only FF with that kind of dialogue is...

FFXIII dialogue and plot consists of 98% moaning about each other.
Army_of_Darkness  +   1767d ago
as bad as zatrox puts it...
He is kinda rite hahah! funny, even though I'm a FF fan.
Pozzle  +   1767d ago
All the pretty boys will become haggard men missing limbs and suffering from PTSD.
hot4play  +   1767d ago
I want the story to be as dark and heavy as FF Tactics (War of the Lions)... :)
Gene  +   1767d ago
Dam mad psp hate ok ds sells more I admit it but I don't give a fuck about units sold games the psp has better games then the ds keep playing Mario Zelda Mario Zelda plz.
Fucken pokemon lmao.
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Stephen5543  +   1767d ago
That's cool if you dont care. To the consumer it shouldnt matter and it is all about how much fun you have with the system. I love my PSP, and my previous statement wasnt saying that the PSP was a bad system, it was saying that with sales its slowing down a lot and for developers this matters a lot. To put an exclusive- block buster budget game on it a year and a half(or so) away from now would be insane. Multi-platform is the best choice to help make this game succeed from a sales stand point.

Sales aside I like the PSP and DS equally, and hating on either is just retarded.
raztad  +   1767d ago
I'm hearing the cry of some ninty boys wanting Agito to be on the DS. So funny.
PSP lineup this year is extremely good and worth a PSP purchase if you dont have one.

PW, KH:BbS, Persona 3, God of War:GoS, patapon 3, just off the top of my head. Not sure when Agito will be released but will be day one.
Stephen5543  +   1767d ago
It wasnt "Ninty boys"(plural) it was just me that made those comments. It doesnt matter to me if it is released on the 3DS. I own a PSP, and love it. I'm stating that, financially, multiplatform is the best choice.

I wouldnt be surprised if it goes multiplatform, either. We havent seen anything on this game in a very long time. Also, the statement that it "can be played on PSP" could just be a sly way of avoiding controversy for now. This wouldnt be the first time Square has pulled crap like that.

Either way, it doesnt matter to me. I just want this game to succeed.
Gene  +   1767d ago
I didn't say the ds sucked it just have been playing there games for a long time so yeah it does piss me off there no mature games it's kids shit you thirty and playing pokemon it is the same engine from the first game that's why I said pokemon.
They have better games then pokemon but nitendo as game developers will keep doing the same game period.

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