CNN's Top Four Games To Save Up For

Such is still the case when running between Santa Monica, California, hotels at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, the annual video game convention that serves as a peek into the future of the multibillion-dollar interactive entertainment industry.

This year's invitation-only show, with about 3,000 journalists and analysts, was in other ways dramatically different than in years past, when more than 65,000 attendees would cram into the Los Angeles Convention Center to see the biggest game franchises of tomorrow.

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Odion3921d ago

I thought COD4 was also coming out on the PS3??

Adamalicious3921d ago

It is (among others as well). It's CNN - not exactly an authority. Silly article as well.

Dr Pepper3921d ago

It is...
someone messed up

eLiNeS3921d ago

preordered HALO ][][][ for months now is why he didn't add it for a game to save up for?

StateofMind3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Apparently Call of Duty 4 is Microsoft's defense (albeit a weak one) against Killzone's graphical prowess. Most message boards seem to forget that the game is coming out for PS3, not surprised to see CNN make the same mistake.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3921d ago

At least COD4 has color and not playing in black and white.

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killercam193921d ago

yea i'm just going crazy waiting for little big planet fvck halo, bioshock and too human cus u know little big planet is gonna be a block buster and its gonna be that much better............rrooooooight

StateofMind3921d ago

You could spend an hour customizing your character. Nice avatar.

Double-Edged3921d ago

Mass Effect
Halo 3
Blue Dragon or Eternal Sonata

Adamalicious3921d ago

Ratchet & Clank Future
Mass Effect
Rock Band

Double-Edged3921d ago

RockBand is a good investment

StateofMind3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Mass Effect
Call of Duty 4

Could make that list a lot bigger too. The next several months in gaming are going to be crazy.

Adamalicious3921d ago

Oh yeah - gotta have MGS4. I was restricting to this year because there are so many. Uncharted just barely got cut, but I'm getting it for sure.

StateofMind3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Well they added LittleBigPlanet so I figured early '08 was fair. Although I believe a fully functional beta is supposed to be out this year.

Uncharted definitely looks great as well. Lair looks amazing too, I don't know enough about the gameplay to be sold on it though.

Adamalicious3921d ago

Yeah - I'm not sold on Lair yet either. I hope it rocks, but I'm not getting it on day 1. I'm really looking forward to LBP as well. So many games in the next 6-8 months!

ericbs3921d ago

There is so many games coming out, they might delay some till 08 (see Splinter Cell:Conviction). There are so many must have coming out each month this fall:


Two Worlds
Moto GP 07


Mass Effect
Halo 3
Orange Box




Assassin's Creed

My wallet is screaming already lol

PS-Wii-603921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

I'll try though =P

1.Condemned2: Bloodshot
4.Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (unless of course ManHunt2 gets released, then I'd hafta drop Uncharted off my top 4 list, although I'm still gonna buy it at launch)

ALSO; I give 2007 Game of the Year to: Mass Effect (mainly for innovation)
AND I give 2008 GotY to: Little Big Planet FOR SURE (because it will mark the beginning of a whole new genre for gaming!)

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Farsendor13921d ago

blue dragon
heavenly sword
lost obdyssey or whatever that is

RussianSniper3921d ago

Funny how they neglected to point out COD4 was also on the PS3.

Bunch of idiots.

And MGS 4 should be up there, I mean after that gameplay movie...MAN, are people psyched...

Xbrainer3921d ago

i agree MGS4 should have been on the list, halo 3 should be to imo

StateofMind3921d ago

I don't know about Halo 3 being up there. It's basically a *good* looking next-gen Halo and nothing more. I don't see anything there to intrigue anyone who isn't already into Halo. It'll be huge for Halo fans, but they've all already pre-ordered it I'm sure.

Their list looks surprisingly solid to me, except for the COD4 mistake.

Xbrainer3921d ago

Thats very true about halo 3 but one could argue the same thing about MGS4. I have never been a big fan of either series, but now that they are converting to next gen consoles I cant wait for these games to be released.

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