I’m A Christian, Guerrilla Games Care About Me

GamesThirst writes, "Get a grip folks, the best selling titles of all time have no swearing in them….. You don’t need that. I applaud Infinity Ward for what they accomplished in Modern Warfare 2, a game that had only one F-Bomb – the last scene in Afghanistan.
So do it devs, you won’t lose. In fact you’ll gain more than you think."

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LordMarius2949d ago

I read the article and I have no idea what it has to do with Christianity

BakedGoods2949d ago if swearing was a sin in Christianity? Lame.

movements2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Real, born-again Christians don't swear.... They shouldn't.

Not all who say they're Christians are; remember that.

People will see I'm this, but their lifestyle doesn't match up....

drdistracto7072949d ago

I sorry but this just made me laugh, literally... and loudly

UnwanteDreamz2949d ago

So the creator of the universe cares what word I use for penis? That sounds insane on so many levels.

specialguest2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

I see profanity as simply harsh words, and I see no difference between profanity versus "cleaner" words used to replace profanity, since the ill intent to damn someone is still there.

Screw you! = F*ck you!

duplissi2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

nowhere in the bible does it say to not say: shit fuck ass, etc.
cuss words evolve and change within a society and what one person finds offensive another might not. saying something like this sucks or this bites used to be considered swearing... i found this out when said that in front of a 95 year old lady.

this is what the bible says: eph 4:29 "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen"

so basically swearing is tearing down others insults and degrading language and not the individual words...its about what your saying not how.

i am a real born again christian and i try not to "swear" but i do on occasion. i try to be conscious of what i say and to whom, because you dont know when you may offend someone. to say someone isnt a christian simply because they say certain words is just a little arrogant and judgmental.

"let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

edit: thats a good point specialguest.

BattleAxe2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

F*** You GamesThirst, I want swearing in my games! I feel that as a non religous person that I'm under attack.

PoSTedUP2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

@ specialguest- yeah but damning someone is a lot differetn from just saying "Oh S***". as long as i dont use it directly at them, or curse them, ima say f*** s*** etc. all day lol.

@ battleaxe- "im a atheist and geurilla game dont give a 's***' about me" LOL jk

its hard to believe there is only one "true" religion since the system of religion is so corrupt. who ever the creator is, if any, cant blame me for not "picking" one of the hundreds of thousands of religions. i believe in a higher power, but i am also a good person without Jahovas witinesses or buddah or ahla or any other god. i think me and "mysterious power" are on good terms to be honest.

on topic- i like my war games REALISTIC, so a war game with a bunch of "oh i dont sware" panzees isnt going to cut it. i want badass americans holding big f****** guns in my war games! enough said.

the hypocrisy here is that were talking about being a cristian by not swearing in a VIOLENT BLOODY WAR shooting game. LOL
ok im done by the way infamous is SICK, just bought yesterday.

tplarkin72949d ago

If you're trying to be a saint, then you shouldn't swear. Swearing is losing control. Swearing also doesn't mean anything. It has the same meaning as a grunt.

Sheikh Yerbouti2949d ago

You are not supposed to offend, that's the spirit of the law. In the end, these are just words. If no one was ever offended, maybe it isn't a sin? Then again it no one was ever offended, no one would use it?

I'm not offended so I don't care. The f bomb root meaning is to hit. So saying you'd hit it literally translates to...I'd f/ck it.

Doesn't sound so bad when you think of it that way, does it?

SaiyanFury2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Wrong place to post...

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Sanzee2949d ago

Jesus Loves Guerrilla Games

PCnPS3Gamer2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

whatever, damn Christians trying to change everything....imo christians are the biggest oxymorons, hypocrite's, i have ever encountered...let people live they're own lives and if you dont like something dont play it watch it or do it dont ruin it for the people that dont fucking care whether rico says cunt pussy ass shit rug muncher and so on as long as i get to break helghast necks steven segal style on a jet pack i dont give 2 shits you fucking whiny high horse christians that think your so enlightened cares. christians are just another breed of fanboy but instead of a gaming platform its a religion.....if you find yourself a christian and hating everything maybe instead of trying to change everything, why dont you just ignore it and go on with your boring christian lives, and if you cant do that maybe your religious beliefs are in question. simple as that.

fun fact the 100 years war was feuled by christianity and religion i wonder if they swore while getting stabbed in the stomache with a long sword, orlike six arrows in the nuts....

another fun fact whether war is between two races, or two religions it is harsh.....which means expect swearing, steven segal style neck massages, kicks to the uteris, disembowelment with spears other barbed weapons etc.....war is brutal, get used to it cause it's not changing anytime soon...

oh yeah christian fanboy, i think blogging might be a sin, you know cause computers werent mentioned in the bible so they must not be used right just like dinosaurs.

PCnPS3Gamer2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

no one has told me why they disagree. so predictable of Christians. when you throw logic and science at them they tell you your wrong and then immediately stick theyre finger in their ears and go la la la la la la....

also ask a christian why there are different races in this world you will literal start looking through mental hospital brochures to recommend to them haha....

also @ below in war it is usually never justified and there is always some hidden ulterior motives.war isnt necessary its just way of life, human life that is...

@below awesome zeitgiest is my religion..i love the logic in what they say. also i love how they pwn Christianity. lol

when i think of christians or any religious people for that matter this is what comes to mind lol

wow after reading parasomething somethings comments and saying to myself damn couldnt of said it to myself better then all these disagrees, i came to this conclusion lol to many people on this site either love fairy tales and knowing the answers to everything even if it is extremely illogical, or they still live with their parents and havent grew a sorry but i will never believe in religion until i see some good ole logic. BELIEVE WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE N4G BUT DONT TRY TO TELL IM THE STUPID ONE FOR BELIEVING THAT ILLOGICAL NONSENSE....

ALSO MAN UP AND DONT BE SO PASSIVE AGRESSIVE....para i 100% agree with what you say i lived with christians and some of the answers they game me were fucked and i knew it so i watched zeitgiest and i was like boom there goes the christanity beliefs....

GeneralCole2949d ago

Good to know somebody is actully intelligent on this site

Going back to read On the Origen of species

Sheikh Yerbouti2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

The cause of war is greed and a scarcity of resources. The secret thing is the human mind is not rational - there is no ideal perfect conclusion. The human mind reasons, and whatever it wants becomes ideal and perfect as a result of ad hoc reasoning. Religion is a convenient reason to get what you want and rally people to your cause, but in a world full of atheists there will be just as many wars if not more.

This simple truth along with postmodern thought has shown that humanist and scientific rationalists like yourself are no worse than the religions they prioritize themselves over. Derrida's deconstructionism shown that when the fringe upsets the center they usually take on the same social politic it despised the center for in the first place. By your own rhetoric, you show yourself as much a zealot as Ned Flanders.

Such people I've found become atheists as a reason to enhance their own self-esteem, at the expense of the faith of others. Because like I said, we're not rational. Popper's logical positivism isn't safe from Heisenberg's principle. There's natural limits to your knowledge and so-called rationality.

I'm a Christian, and we're to respectfully share our beliefs. We are also supposed to respect the beliefs and customs of others. In the end of the day, God himself will have to make his own case. Just don't be too surprised when he shows up.

fitzgerald692949d ago

Dude, I can tell you that God created you in His image out of love, that is a most natural fact. Loving God is not a religion, it's a relationship. He loves you no matter what you think of Him, and I sincerly hope that before it's all over you come to know Him and fully understand what it is he did for all of us in sacrificing His son, Jesus Christ. So, as a believing gamer, I can choose what to buy and play, and I simply don't play the explicit games, no harm no foul. No need to bash us brother. It's just depressing that entertainment mediums think they have to include vulgar language to be entertaining, which is not true. I took my son to see Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen and had to apologize to my son for the language, for a movie geared toward kids, not cool. Appreciate your time man.

SaiyanFury2949d ago

Good points, Fitz. Bubble up, brother.

atticusflinch2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Faith, in my humble opinion, is the purposeful abdication of doubt.

I am not religious. Probability is the foundation of science and I find myself erring on the side of this principle while maintaining a respect for the preferences of others (I don't always have to be right or possess all the answers).

The existence of a God/Goddess being is not probable. However, it may be just as improbable to think that human beings can know, with any degree of certitude, what lurks beyond the edge of our limited perceptions (quantum theory in itself fills me with near metaphysical wonderment). I suppose this makes of me an agnostic due to an inexhaustible skepticism, even in human nature. A life based in probability is not as easy as I once believed it could be.

My world view is not comfortable with “absolutes,” even those that revolve around abstract ideas of “perfect accuracy.” The Atheists I have encountered often and ironically exhibit an abiding sense of pure faith based merely in donut probabilism, which strikes me as lacking in honest logic. This is not unlike their religious counterparts, as both purposely abdicate doubt in exchange for an absolute and unyielding belief, separated only by a sliding scale of likelihood.

In another twist, many Atheists are sometimes given to proselytizing their views, not unlike the religious with similar proclivities. In my experience this is not an altogether uncommon and amusing irony. Extremism, whether it’s secular or spiritual, finds favor in some more than others.

In conclusion, both Atheism and religion are faith based examples of belief systems overriding both internalized and externalized doubts.

How does this relate to gaming? Shut up, turn on and play.

Turn down the volume if the game box has a big M on it. With shooters how much are you missing. I love a good FPS, but they remind me of Playboy magazine. I've never bought the latter for the articles nor the former for the dialogue. If this gimps you too much, find another hobby.

edit - I loved both Zeitgeists films as well.

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ThanatosDMC2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Which is worse: virtual swearing or killing virtual people in war you have no idea why you're fighting for?

The Great Melon2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

I read the article and was thinking that too. Not only are you killing people, but if you also read some of the back story of the Killzone universe you begin to feel a little disgusted by the ISA.

ThanatosDMC2948d ago

Just Rico alone in KZ2 made me feel like the bad guy. He wasnt that bad in KZ1 but then again he barely talked.

DamonTheMoney2949d ago

Thou shalt not swear > Thou shalt not kill

I'm a Christian, and I've got my priorities straight.

Anon73492949d ago

I know isn't it hypocritical of this "Christian."

He cares soooo much about swearing in videogames but he doesn't even understand that the whole point of the game is to kill other living creatures.

Seriously, this is why I'm not religious(That and the fact that there is no solid evidence to believe in any sort of supernatural being).

JsonHenry2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Last time I checked "thou shall not use foul language" was not on the list of 10...

And when Jesus was asked which of the 10 commandments was most important he didn't even mention any of the ten commandments. He just said love your God and your neighbor. (Luke 10:37)

This article just got pwned.

fitzgerald692949d ago

The overall theme of teh Bible is love, it's mentioned over 700 times in fact. If you truly love God, all of the rest will fall in place. I guess I'm just really taken back by the hate on these boards for God, and by proxy those who are in Christ. There are those of us who don't buy the games with the foul language and explicit content, and I can assure you I enjoy gaming as much as anyone. But for those who either don't understand or are just generally ticked off for no reason to lash out makes no sense and let me just say this, if everyone were to follow the 10 commandments, man, what a better world we'd live in. But I can assure you, one day, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.

iceman062949d ago

I think that you, and other Christians, are suffering the same fate as the Muslims. You are basically held as equals to the crazy, extremist views that permeate our media. Extremists are the people use religion in attempt to justify actions, thoughts, and behavior patterns that are far from the intent of most religions...which is basically a universal love, caring, and understanding of all things big and small on this earth.
In the end, nobody really knows what is to come. Some have faith in their convictions, while others are still searching for something to justify what goes on in the massive universe. Whatever it is, be it God, Allah, Buddah, Shiva, or a shoe (lol)as long as it honors what should be basic human principles (truth, love, charity, etc.) and does no harm to others then to each his own.

menoyou2949d ago

this was clearly written by some atheist retard and the title was for hits. these people have no shame.

duplissi2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

what is that?.... some bull like that zeitgeist documentary?

edit: @jsonhenry

do you know what purpose the commandments actually serve?

"No one will be declared righteous in [God's] sight by observing the law; rather, [the purpose of the commandments is to reveal sin!]" (Rom. 3:20)

the commandments serve to show you your own sin and in turn why you need god, because no one can follow them... NO ONE CAN.

AAACE52949d ago

If you are that religious, you shouldn't be playing games... you should be buried in the bible! Otherwise, there are games about religion, they just aren't much fun.

Most things that are fun to do don't involve religion! It's a sin, so you should probably stay away from games. Just playing games breaks several sins, so people shouldn't complain about it!

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HighDefinition2949d ago

I think GG cares about all the gamers out there.

MGRogue20172949d ago

Alrighty then.

... Who cares? :D

PyReX-2949d ago

All of this religion crap shouldnt be involved with games.
It's a GAME.