Super Contra Review - Xbox 360

Super Contra is another great addition to the Xbox 360 Live Arcade and Loot Ninja says this as both huge fans of Contra and as gamers. Super Contra sticks to it's roots and brings the run and gun the same way the original Contra port did. One huge difference between this port and the original is the difficulty, Super Contra may kill your friends so be careful. The game borders on impossible at times especially if you play with someone inexperienced.

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taz80803919d ago

Super COntra makes regular Contra look like romper room. If you want a challenge pick it up and see for yourself.

taz80803919d ago

There is no love for Contra out there any more. No flair for the classics. Wow.

Rhezin3919d ago

maybe if it was the ps2 version of contra, then I'd pick it up

taz80803919d ago

I htink the orignal NES versions of Contra were the best. Xbox 360 port of the original COntra was fun and Super Contra is fun and challenging. At least check out the demo and give it a whirl.