NBA 2K8 - Dunk Contest Walkthrough

The first look at NBA 2K8 in action as one of the game's developers walks us through the new dunk contest. HD walkthrough available following the link.

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oliveira3113768d ago

The animations look pretty tight. I've heard some people complaining about the graphics not being as good as Live. Hey man, I'll take an average brunette who knows what she's doing over a blond without a clue any day!

PS360PCROCKS3768d ago

lol brunettes are hot man...blonds are everywhere...anyways the animations are great and this looks like alot of fun, I could sit here for a long time just playing this dunk contest

DG3768d ago

Live has allways been better in the grafics department but when a game makes you want to smash your $50.00 controller it kind of defeats any purpose of buying a $60.00 game so thats $110.00 dollars down the drain when you play live. I quit with 07 permenantly. Sorry EA but you did get money from me for the first two.