Transformers:Get Over It...maybe?

Even if the new Transformers game was good...who really needed it?

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killyourfm2827d ago

Oh, probably the millions of fans soured by Activision's previous treatment of the license?

Brewski0072827d ago

Who needs a Huge TV in a one bedroom apartment?! GAMERS!

This games got good reviews and ive played the opening part of it so far. Pretty fun I have to say. Haters dont need to buy it but its a welcome surprise.

Tomdc2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Even if living was good...who really needed it?

ironfist922826d ago

"Imagine if in twenty years Ben 10 was getting a gritty reboot with Justin Beiber’s son as Ben. You’d think the entire population of planet earth had lost its mind."

I lold

UltimateIdiot9112827d ago

Except for Batman hmmm....Kinda moots the point of the whole article. The author talks about letting go of the roots and etc but then say except for batman? You can apply the same reason that the author feels about Batman to Transformer.

I actually like the fact that it's going back to the original and not all the terrible transformer reboots aka Michael Bay films.

Besides, maybe kids these days should learn to appreciate Transformer what it's really about and what made it so popular then instead of simply just explosion.

Trunkz Jr2827d ago

I was just about to point this out lol

There's nothing wrong with reboots as long as their done right (unlike GI-JOE Remake), we get to enjoy what we use to enjoy in the old days and young people today get to enjoy we what use to as well, it's win/win.

TheLeprachaun2827d ago

Stupid article. What do you mean 'who really needed it'? Who needs any game? We play games for fun and Transformers War for Cybetron is fun.

King Hippo2827d ago

Except it's not. Just another mediocre Transformers game.

JohnnyMann4202827d ago

I mean if you hate this style of game, then I understand, but this is an actual good 3rd person shooter thats actually challenging. It just sweetens the pot that it is TFormers!

BeaArthur2827d ago

What a dumb question. Who really needed 20 FPS' a year? Nobody but that doesn't mean they aren't fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.