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Transformers:Get Over It...maybe?

Even if the new Transformers game was good...who really needed it? (PC, PS3, Transformers: War for Cybertron, Wii, Xbox 360)

killyourfm  +   1618d ago
Oh, probably the millions of fans soured by Activision's previous treatment of the license?
Brewski007  +   1618d ago
Who needs a Huge TV in a one bedroom apartment?! GAMERS!

This games got good reviews and ive played the opening part of it so far. Pretty fun I have to say. Haters dont need to buy it but its a welcome surprise.
Tomdc  +   1618d ago
Even if living was good...who really needed it?
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ironfist92  +   1617d ago
"Imagine if in twenty years Ben 10 was getting a gritty reboot with Justin Beiber’s son as Ben. You’d think the entire population of planet earth had lost its mind."

I lold
UltimateIdiot911  +   1618d ago
Except for Batman hmmm....Kinda moots the point of the whole article. The author talks about letting go of the roots and etc but then say except for batman? You can apply the same reason that the author feels about Batman to Transformer.

I actually like the fact that it's going back to the original and not all the terrible transformer reboots aka Michael Bay films.

Besides, maybe kids these days should learn to appreciate Transformer what it's really about and what made it so popular then instead of simply just explosion.
Trunkz Jr  +   1618d ago
I was just about to point this out lol

There's nothing wrong with reboots as long as their done right (unlike GI-JOE Remake), we get to enjoy what we use to enjoy in the old days and young people today get to enjoy we what use to as well, it's win/win.
TheLeprachaun  +   1618d ago
Stupid article. What do you mean 'who really needed it'? Who needs any game? We play games for fun and Transformers War for Cybetron is fun.
King Hippo  +   1618d ago
Even if the new Transformers game was good
Except it's not. Just another mediocre Transformers game.
JohnnyMann420  +   1618d ago
Dude you are soooo wrong.
I mean if you hate this style of game, then I understand, but this is an actual good 3rd person shooter thats actually challenging. It just sweetens the pot that it is TFormers!
BeaArthur  +   1618d ago
What a dumb question. Who really needed 20 FPS' a year? Nobody but that doesn't mean they aren't fun.
Mista T  +   1618d ago
good games are always welcomed
Pennywise  +   1618d ago
Too bad its Activision and a good game from them will only warrant a rent from me.

Blizzard is another story.
Mista T  +   1618d ago
buy it used
BeaArthur  +   1618d ago
I understand why everyone hates Activision and would prefer to never see them get another dime but I'm not going to exclude myself from playing great games to spite them.
redDevil87  +   1618d ago
How the fuck did this get approved?!
BeaArthur  +   1618d ago
I've stopped asking myself that question and just accepted the fact that this site is run by idiots. Trying to understand it will only cause your head to explode.
Neo Nugget  +   1618d ago
*gets ready*


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MeatAbstract  +   1618d ago
Get over it? That implys this game was hyped. I have seen little to no hype for this game. Hell, I figured this game would be crap since other Transformer games were awful. Just because a few good reviews came through for the game we should all now 'get over it'.

"Well done for all your hard work, High Moon but...we're over it. Yeah, the games not even out released yet (UK) and we're totally over it" Bit harsh really, isn't it?
Ult iMate  +   1618d ago
This Transformers (2004) by Atari was a great game. I wish there were more Transformers games like this one.
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JohnnyMann420  +   1618d ago
It wasn't bad.
But this game stands on its own as a good game first then a good tformers game second. Buy it! you will like.
Magnus  +   1618d ago
The only other Transformers game I have played was the Armada one on the PS2 a Cybertronian War Transformers game is what we need for a market thats flooded with FPS games and lack of great rpgs. I know I will be pulling alot of over nighters on this game alone. I just hope they use the opening theme by Lion from the 1984 movie and end the game with Stan Bush's actual Till all are one since Michel Bay is a moron for not reconizing Stan Bush and I hope they use the same voices from G1. This game is a step closer to getting a true G1 game on Earth with out the Armada, Energon, Transformers Animated, and a few other shitty titles all thoe Beast Wars was alright. Now if Activision put on the subscription fee to play this online my mind would go else where but I am stoked about this game arriving. Hope Activision is smart enough to release a Decepticon and Autobot pack as collectors edition with an Optimus Prime and Megatron figure in each pack. Again I say shame it has Activision on the box art but they hold the license for the game and not EA wiich I wish they did.
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Corrwin  +   1618d ago
Child of the early 80s here...
Couldn't give one iota.

But a new Mechwarrior game? Now you're talking!
ThisPlaceSucksBye  +   1618d ago
These articles are getting worse every day.
ChronoJoe  +   1618d ago
But... if transformers were to cease to exist, then they'd just be a gap, which would need to be filled by an alternative robot transforming into vehicles kind of anime.

Why when a perfectly compotent one exists, would you suggest to end it? it's not a reboot, it's just the series continuing to exist. I don't think anyone should have a problem with that.

I never watched transformers, or anything. But this is a fantastic game, I really believe the transformation ability brings something fresh to TPS gameplay, it's probably the best multiplayer third person shooter out this gen, in fact. Not entirely due to the transformers IP, but the transformers concept has assisted the core gameplay, of the game.
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DaBadGuy  +   1618d ago
I think it's about time the author of this became one with the matrix. As I'm typing this I'm watching the Transformers movie on Blu-Ray. I paid out my ass to import from Europe, but it's here, and it is good. This has been a good week. And yeah I mean the animated movie, not The Even Stevens-Transformers crossover. Point is, yes, A new, good Transformers game is long overdue and much appreciated. War for Cybertron is a great game and a great addition to the Transformers G1 mythology. Now for the Go-Bots game.....hahahahahahahaha..... that was a half-joke, if a Go-Bots game came out today, that would be kinda cool. If only we could get a decent GI Joe game. And what about Singstar: Jem?

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