Donkey Kong Record Falls, Billy Mitchell Lays $10,000 on the Line

25 years after originally setting the Donkey Kong record, Billy Mitchell smashes his previous high score and finds his way back at the top of the Donkey Kong score table for Twin Galaxies. But that's not all. Billy has thrown down the gauntlet and is offering $10,000 to the first person to take his record down at the CGE in Las Vegas.

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sticky doja3772d ago

I would take that challenge if:

1) I didn't have to go to Vegas

2) I didn't have to play Donkey Kong

Marceles3772d ago

The old games are were a little harder than newer games but very repetitive. Beating donkey kong and pacman is mostly just trying to stay awake for 6 hrs without going crazy of boredom and losing focus

LeonSKennedy4Life3772d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing The King of Kong in theaters pretty soon. Thanks for giving away the ending though, N4G. That sure is great to know everything about the movie before I see it.


RyanDG3772d ago

Nothing about the post spoils anything about King of Kong. And the actual link's story has a spoiler warning well before you actually read anything about the movie. Unless you read the full article on the site, you wouldn't have spoiled anything about King of Kong.

Just thought I'd give you the heads up.