More The 3rd Birthday details from Famitsu

More details about The 3rd Birthday have emerged from the Tetsuya Nomura’s interview with Famitsu.

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N4GAddict2860d ago

They made the right choice with making The 3rd Birthday for PSP.

SpaceSquirrel2860d ago

I preferred a PS3 version but this is better than mobile phones.

Pozzle2860d ago

I wonder if Square Enix are using 3rd Birthday to gague fans interest in the Parasite Eve series. Then they might make a "true" third sequel on the PS3.


GrieverSoul2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Dont put much faith on "Squenix".
They will disappoint you!

On topic:
3rd birthday looks promising.

Handhelds_FTW2860d ago

A "real" Parasite Eve sequel anytime soon.

Word has it Squenix doesn't want to pay royalty fees on the Parasite Eve IP.

Since like a lot of you may or not know, PE is based on an actual novel and it's not a Squaresoft original idea entirely.

That's the reason JP doesn't have any of the original games on the PSN and the reason The 3rd Birthday doesn't carry the Parasite Eve name.

Go figure is any of this holds water. I hope they're just holding out to release them near the release of The 3rd Birthday to get newcomers interested in the franchise.

Gene2860d ago

Can't wait the psp getting alot of love.

2860d ago
sin11612860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

it hurt me even more to see aya face like this in the title picture , but really can't wait, waited tooo long. we are there Sin just 7 more months :)

but no cell power >.< that what maked me love this game the combenation of magic power and the modern weaponry oh we will wait and see maybe this new system is good since Nomura never disappoint us with his games .

galmi2860d ago

this might actually make me get a psp, I miss aya brea

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