Video Of The Today Show Reporting on the Console War

Here is the video of The Today Show comparing the 3 consoles.

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egyptian_diarrhea3952d ago

sorry the clip you requested is not available T_T

eLiNeS3952d ago

Ban the homo ninjas from this site. They spam there stories all over the net.

fiercescuba, drunk pandas, Taz8080 and mjbanks are the looney ninjas to watch out for.

I don't care if they like the Xbox 360, the PS3 or the Wii, they should all be banned for spamming the net especial Digg.

btkadams3952d ago

where in that video does he warn them away from the 360. he says it has great games...

drtysouf213952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

article. i'll see if admin can change the title to fit the video more. Sorry.

Edit: Title has been changed.

the_round_peg3952d ago

Being the big Sony fanboy you are, you deliberately made up that title to smear 360.

drtysouf213952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

if i didn't care i would have not said anything and how can i be a fanboy when i own all 3 consoles. Grow up and go troll somewhere else and quit whining about the story. This is exactly why you are one of the people people i've ignored for a long time just happened to click show comment because i knew it was directed at me. And on another note quit spamming peoples stories with more then one report. ONE report is enough to get your point across.

the_round_peg3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

People can easily check your posting history and see who you are and where you stand.

It's not WHO or WHAT you say you are. It's about WHO and WHAT you really are, as demonstrated by your consistent behavior, your PATTERN of posting cand comment behaviors.

Your other recent submissions, all positive for Sony:
-PS3 Out Sells 360 In North America
-PS3: Top Seller & Most Popular Search @ Circuit City (this was approved as news?!?)
-PS3 Sells Out At CompUSA Stores & Limited Stock @ CompUSA Online (another one? So are you going to submit one report for each store where Wii sells out?)
-PS3 Sales Double At 5 Major Retailers After Price Cut
-PS3 Will (Eventually) Be A Success 5 Reasons Why
-PS3 Games Climb Amazon Sales Charts (so do a lot of Wii and 360 games.. are you going to report all of them everytime some games climb the chart?)
-Sony PlayStation 3 Is Profitable Says Analyst (Too bad the most recent financial reports and Sony fiscal announcement said it's not.)

Blah.. blah... blah... PS3 rules... PS3 outselling everyone... that's your slant.

You don't submit Microsoft news too often, but when you do, it's negative, negative, negative:
-PS3: Price Does Matter; Xbox 360: Maybe Not
-Why The Xbox 360 (Hardware) Failed
-Wii, Xbox 360 sales plunge, PS3 gains on eBay
-Microsoft could have stopped the Blu-ray/HD DVD war (it's a BLOG, it's a personal opinion -- how did that get approved??)
-Halo 3 Achievements Are Suprisingly Boring ("boring".. that's a subjective term, right? off a personal blog, again.)

See the pattern?

drtysouf213952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

Show me where i have ever bashed any console! And if you want to look at my submissions look at this right here. So before you accuse me of things State the Facts i've backed up my side now back up yours. Its not a secret that i like the PS3 most but i still love my 360 and Wii and have never bashed any of them.

LOL your wrong and you know it quit crying about it even the people below that you tried to get on your side disagree with you. I could careless what you think. I got better things to do. LOL Man your desperate. LOL and look at your contributer rank its @ 4 you start off with 5 buddy your supposed to go up not down so looks like you got demoted for your contributing skills lol and you have the nerve to bash me. I'm at 13 by the way! OUT.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3952d ago

He should have researched the title as we all should have researched the original news post. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt sinse you were honest about being a fanboy of the PS3. I said fanboy not troll big differance, fanboys are like sports fans and trolls are... well trolls.

power of Green 3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

Showing off pics of three consoles and claiming you're not a fanboys of Sony is one thing but his actions say otherwise.

Telling people you're open minded isn't enough to fool the most foolish site members, saying what you are means nothing what you do!!! proves what you are.

#2.8 I find your mindset offensive being black i don't like him either but you are out of hand. Pathetic!!!.

3952d ago
RonDeMuerte3952d ago

Does the Racist above me speak for all of you 360 fanboys???........kudos on recruiting the most respectable and classy people out there....great job seriously.....great job....

power of Green 3952d ago

Nice try blaming it on 360 fanboys i guess you should have been a member of this site before they merged the PS3 fanboys were so out of hand they used offensive words in every post.

BLACKJACK VII3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

The title should reflect something that is "slightly" more accurate:


Who approved the first article ?!? What a JOKE !!!

Man, you guys are getting REALLY DESPERATE on this UNBAISED website !!!

If there was ANY justice, KTCHONG should get the story & the title. This will be the SECOND FALSE & MISLEADING PRO-PS3 article on this website in 48 hours !!!

The last one was a FORUM from the Sony Protection Group ?!?

Link to original article:

drtysouf21's original story title: "Today Show Warns Consumers To Stay Away From Xbox 360" - So, you change the title now that you have been called out ? How convenient to be able to alter & remove fascist propaganda when you get busted ! Wow, let's see if they edit out this post as well .......

RonDeMuerte3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

it's right above my original where's yours??....because you seriously can't be making comments like that without something to back it the've never had an offensive post........right....... well that's something......yeah....maybe you're right...360 fanboys have NEVER posted anything offensive or degrading....

VendettaWFT3952d ago

This comment is directed to the kid who created the account name Dirtysouf_ni##$^. You created an account just to make fun of a guy that called you out on an earlier post. OH ya, you def. make up all the characteristics of a man. Unbelievable. Also, what is the deal with this site, its become like a wrecking ball for kids, and I stress the word kids, to berate eachother and what makes it even worse is that theres race involved.

power of Green 3952d ago

Don't know what you're saying but clearly you're twisting what i said. I do not have to provid you with proof. I was fighting with these people in the old republic lol first two or three version of this site.

You have no more proof then i do; not that anybody with an ounce of sense would really think one side is morally better than the other considering the type of people good and bad own consoles.

Twist away you don't know sh*t about that guy he could be a Wii fan or own all three consoles he just noticed what we've all noticed the contributor of this news post has a track record of being anti MS and has a bill Orielly wit about it to cover his tracks and that pissed that nut off he wasn't smart enough to address Dirty's bias.

MyNameIsNotRick3952d ago

I'm always happy to see someone calling out Bill O. He is the king of spin. Yes, my other passion is politics. Have a nice day.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx3952d ago

LOL, this vedetta chick wants to talk tough to someone he knows can't talk back, what a man. You are a real coward you know that? And listen to yourself, someone standing up and taking on someone who is a complete douch is what a man does. You, vendetta, you embarrass me! Do you understand that, you make me have even more pitty on the ignorant.

drtysouf213952d ago

To the fool above me Still waiting for you to post that address. I'm flattered you devote so much attention to me. Proving me right more and more.

medziarz3952d ago

The reason why drtysouf21 is posting good news about PS3 all the time, is that there are very good news comming form the PS3 camp all the time aspecialy since the beginning of this month (previews, reviews, hands-ons, awards, announments about new excl. games, blu ray winnings, price drops, sales, E3, PS Premiere), and there aren't any good or interesting news comming form MS for a very long time now, except for fatal news like the failure rate or finacial reports or peter moore.

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sticky doja3952d ago

He even goes as far as to say that the 360 has the best games. Then again he said that Bluray has the highest resolution of anything. I thought HD dvd and bluray had the same resolution?

masterg3952d ago

It does have the same resolution, but the 360 does not have HD-DVD build it.

Bill Nye3952d ago

What's funny is that he cites three games when he says "360 has the best games": Halo, GTA and Madden.

Two of those are also on PS3.

Anyway, don't look to The Today Show for your gaming news. That was pathetic.

Phytonadione3952d ago

I love news stories that are covered by people that do very little (to no) research. Excellent.

Phlapp3952d ago

If he's a Tech expert, that must make me fricken Einstein!

PS360PCROCKS3952d ago

wow so the other story was a massive load of crap that was spun in a negative fashion? Hmm...I don't think I have seen that before. geesh people are really reaching sometimes to find bad news on any console.