Hands-on: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

Pandemic has wisely left the core gameplay from the first Mercenaries alone, and instead focused on enhancing the experience my offering players a bigger, more varied, and more destructible playground of destruction to explore and ravage. There are still a few elements that could use some tweaking, but Pandemic looks to be well on track to producing the most straight-up fun free-form action game since Crackdown.

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QuackPot3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

* AI - I'll take clever enemies any day.

* cut scenes for jacking vehicles - you're unrealistically immune to harm during the jacking.

* feel of certain armaments - needed to add to realism and enjoyment of certain weapons.

Yeah. These should have been fixed and would have made this game perfect. Hope there's still time to get them sorted otherwise will have to wait for Mercenaries 3.

But will undoubtedly be a great game.

a Merc pawns a GT anyday....that is Mercenaries vs Grand Theft Auto.

akaFullMetal3738d ago

i dont know? two different genres, and really is anyone really hyped up for this game???