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Unreal Tournament 3 Shaky-Cam Footage from Comic-Con

BeyondUnreal member Princess_Die had the opportunity to visit Comic-Con and take some shaky-cam footage of one of the hourly UT3 deathmatches. (PC, PS3, Unreal Tournament III, Xbox 360)

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MikeJonesOK  +   2956d ago
SWEET. This will go nice next to my RFOM.
SmokeyMcBear  +   2956d ago
holy crap that was intense, the graphics, the amount of weapons, simply incredible. In looking at this game, it just seems impossible to play this game on a console controller, its just too quick. You need the precise movement of a keyboard and mouse. I really hope that the ps3 version will support a bluetooth keypboard and mouse, cuz I just see how this could be played any other way. HALO and RFOM can be played because the action is a lot slower and the analog sticks can control the movement with enough precision at that speed, this just seems on another level.
ngg12345  +   2955d ago
It does
It has kb/m compatabilitiy. That is the reason why I'm not going to upgrade my pc for this game.
Kleptic  +   2955d ago
yeah and we haven't seen how much auto-aim they will incorporate into the game...that makes a big difference in a good or bad way depending on how you look at it...

but yeah the game looks great...nice and fast...I am assuming that was the PS3 version, just because most of the demonstrations have been so far...and also his movements were not very fluid at all at times, someting that points towards a controller for now...

I am very excited to buy this game...then die all the time...it has been a long time since I have played a fast paced PC shooter like this...
VirusE  +   2955d ago
GOD that game play was so freaking fast i am not even sure what i just saw!
yocdub  +   2955d ago
The dude was dominating the whole match. Nice, can't wait to play this.
ngg12345  +   2955d ago
Is that really in game
Because if this does, it blows away cod4, and killzone 2 away

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NRG  +   2955d ago
You bet it is.
Phytonadione  +   2955d ago
How funny...
...would it be to find out that the game looks exactly like what the camera recorded, quality-wise. PS2/Gamecube anyone? But seriously, I've played previous UT games and I got to say that the action is a bit too quick for my tastes. No doubt it's fun, it's just that I suck. I mean, I suck bad. The very first time I went online, I didn't know what I was doing and won 5 games straight. Since those first 5 games, I've only won every 25 or so matches. The very definition of beginner's luck.
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Rhezin  +   2955d ago
its alright
PS360PCROCKS  +   2955d ago
my god this is so identical to Gears, It's like gears on crack. Looks awesome though...to everyone above I get your point about the mouse and keyboard, but if everyone has a 360 controller or pS3 controller it won't matter it's the same for everyone...and I could be wrong but I am pretty sure they said the 360 and ps3 versions would play slower...
NRG  +   2955d ago
Go download the UT2K4 demo, you'll find out quickly that the Unreal Tournament franchise is no where near Gears and it's pretty damn safe to say this one wont be either.
Delive  +   2955d ago
Looks great
But Man! that's fast. I know that's the style of the UT franchise, but it's still fast, blazing. If the PS3 version is that fast, may have to stick with Warhawk and Confrontation. Unless some sweet mods are released...... that's pretty much guarenteed, so I guess I'm getting it.
Marceles  +   2955d ago
Wow, running on Alienware 7500 without full detail? That looks awesome, I can't imagine the consoles running this fast but I hope it's not noticeably slow.
PLAYWATCH  +   2955d ago
Damn That was intense....The action is unbelievable...
I've played CS for many years, from beta all the way through to 1.6, and I've been yearning for faster action FPS since quitting CS.
I think this HITS the spot for me.
The quality of the action oozes out of this title like I haven't seen. Perhaps, I should had paid a bit more attention to the series in the past.
Looks Great...
MannyHarlem141  +   2955d ago
that is wayy too fast, it makes resistance on the highest sensitivity look... slow... try getting a 20 kill medal in that bad boy lol

Halo 3 should have added sprinting
Siesser  +   2955d ago
Weak as it may sound, that's why I've never gotten into UT. Waaaay too frantic, fast, and twitchy for me to enjoy it. I mean, I give mad props to the people that play it well, because I don't know how you're supposed to even think, let alone aim properly. Then again, I'm not an avid kb/m user, so maybe it just comes with time. Or I just completely suck at the game and its ilk. More likely the latter :P

I'd definitely be one of those people: "Wait...wha? What just happened!?"
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aaquib2  +   2955d ago
Im buying this at launch on November. Luckily for us PS3 owners, not only do we get it sooner, we get user created PC mods adding years of replay value :)
ps360  +   2955d ago
im confused
first i hear that ut3 is ps3 exclusive then i hear things whith the 360. so is this ps3/360/pc or just ps3/pc
THAMMER1  +   2955d ago
It goes like this.
PC/PS3 2007

XBOX360 1st quarter 2008
ps360  +   2955d ago
sevenout  +   2955d ago
Too Fast
UT has always been a twitch-fest, but this is just ridiculously fast. How can this game be fun? I understand that 14 year olds will play this game like crack, but as and "elderly" gamer I want to earn my kills, not twitch my kills.
Double-Edged  +   2955d ago
Yup. that's what I'm saying...
Just expect large weapon splashes, No snipers, and guns that shoots bullets in a zig-zag. lol
Double-Edged  +   2955d ago
Not gonna buy this game.
Simply because it's too much.
the gameplay looks very messy and fast.
Looks unbalanced, and get ready for cheap weapons.

For a fast paced shooter.. I prefer Timesplitters. that game Pwns!
NRG  +   2955d ago
Besides the redeemer, UT has always had the most balanced weapons since Quake 3. If you were to time each weapon from the moment you fired it on a standing player and each shot hits, all the weapons take the same amount of time. It's mixed up because some weapons are better for some situations, some people are better at some weapons altogether.
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shysun  +   2955d ago
Holy snap!Is this game running @ 120FPS?!lol....How can a game look so damn good and play so fast?!Sorry but this game now looks better than gears.:)
genix13  +   2955d ago
This can be condensed into 2 words...
Me want
Dlacy13g  +   2955d ago
I always have loved the look and feel of UT games give off.....
I just am not a fan of the run and gun twitch fest game style. The game is so friggin gorgeous yet you hardly get a chance to see it when you play cause you are on your toes and constantly running and turning at a dizzy pace.

It will be a great game...just not for me.
Weed  +   2955d ago
I love fast paced twitch based games with Mouse/Keyboard I'm going to play the hell out of this game...

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