5 reasons the Resi 5 trailer gave us chills

Gamesradar-Before we watched the new Resident Evil 5 trailer we were wondering how the hell Capcom would ever be able to surpass the brilliance of Resi 4. Now, after viewing the three-minute movie over and over (and getting chilly vertebrae every single time), we're confident that Resi 5 isn't just going to raise the survival horror bar, it's going to blow it through the corrugated iron roof and into the stratosphere. Here are five reasons that the trailer has got us super pumped about Resident Evil 5...

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Assassin4hire3953d ago

it gives me chills too..i cant wait for this not just a new fan of the series like many are. I LOVED all the RE's. Re2 still gives RE4 a run for its money, that was my favorite game for a really long time

Marceles3953d ago

Yeah the trailer was crazy...all of those weapons flying at him while a couple of zombies are trying to tackle his legs, and the environments look amazing.

Marona3953d ago

No chills here. :/ Yet?

Counter_ACT3953d ago

Id would rather it had more horror to it like Silent Hill, but it did look amazing still.

Loudninja3953d ago

But it will have your blood puping to survive

neil19883953d ago

well i think it will be much more horror like then resident evil 4
im shure there will b alot of parts of the game that will happen in the night just like there were time in re4 when there was rain and then no rain

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