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E-mpire Featurette HD Interview/Gameplay - SOE's The Agency

HD gameplay footage and answers revealed. Find out what Art Director Tramell Isaac had to say about their upcoming FPS MMO. (PC, PS3, Sony Online Entertainment, The Agency)

Lucent Beam  +   1868d ago
I love the idea of an FPS MMO. Cool interview.
Donny  +   1868d ago
im surprised this game isnt getting EVEN MORE attention, it deserves it.
WildArmed  +   1868d ago
After the success of Borderland (arguably an FPS MMO) I'm surprised this hasn't gone full blown.

Although, if they do throw another Subscription fee on this game.
It's gonna be a sad day for me
sikbeta  +   1868d ago
Idk, knowing how people were "reacting" about the FEES in DCU, this one it's going to get same "problems"

"OMG, they want to charge us for a [MMO] the same way they do with PC Gamers, unacceptable!"
WildArmed  +   1868d ago

OMGZ Bcoz all MMOs are P2P, there is no such thing as free online!

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blumatt  +   1868d ago
The Agent v. Agent
Yeah, this looks ok. I just recently realized this game is different than the game "Agent" made by Rockstar. I had thought they were the same game. I may get Agent, but I don't know about this.
Coded-Dude  +   1868d ago
yes, a lot of people get The Agency confused with Agent. They are both of course spy games, but this one is a MMO.
Donny  +   1868d ago
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FACTUAL evidence  +   1868d ago
Seems pretty cool
But sorry to say, I'm just trying to stay away from FPS's for a while.
Coded-Dude  +   1868d ago
well maybe by the time it comes out you will have an urge to come back. there is still no projected release date. they wouldn't even give us a year......
BattleAxe  +   1868d ago
Looks good, and it looks like they've taken alot of inspiration from Rainbow six Vegas with the cover system and some of the environments.
raztad  +   1863d ago
This MMO looks very nice. Color me surprised.
Blaze929  +   1868d ago
Coded-Dude  +   1868d ago
lots of good details in there
What grabbed my attention was when he said they were considering making the a downloadable title.
D3adcell  +   1868d ago
I really want to try out a game like APB, but my PC wont run it. So this may be something I have to get.
tdrules  +   1868d ago
I have been waiting for this for nearly 2 years now.

also inb4peoplewhineaboutsubscripti on

EDIT: OMFG this rep for the game is underselling it so bad.
He's basically saying "this is an mmo, but no one wants that, so just play it as a deathmatch herp derp"
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Coded-Dude  +   1868d ago
it seemed to me he was just trying to sell the game to fps fans that don't really want an mmo. you can play the game and never do PvE, or you can play the game and never do PvP. Thats kind of cool if you ask me.
JasonXE  +   1868d ago
cool interview
webeblazing  +   1868d ago
this game look hot im stilling waiting i hope they make it subscription base cause like he said i people can run threw a fps fast even if its an mmo this fast pace i dont wanna have to keep buying dlc for more stuff and missions they should charge like $5 - $10 month the cheaper the more people the more money or $40 for the year. cant wait next thing we need is more spy movies
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Xfanboy  +   1868d ago
hope it turns out well!!
ATi_Elite  +   1868d ago
The Jury is still out
I don't know about The Agency yet as I don't see any wow factors that separate it from any other online FPS. Kinda looks like TimeSplitters for some reason.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl would be the perfect game for a FPSMMORPG as it already has a faction war system built in along side common enemies in the zombies and the mutant beast of the ZOne not to mention plenty of land above and below ground to explore.

PS3 and 360 owners your getting a port soon.
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fr0sty  +   1867d ago
looking good. i'm glad they changed the visual style.

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