Rainbow Six Vegas Review

This compelling ride through the streets of sin city is a worthy addition to any PS3 owner's library. HD video review available following the link.

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spasticjustice3888d ago

Tell me again why all this PS3 news is in the xbox 360 section? This webpage is becoming all playstation crap...

theaceh3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

It's because it's a multiplatform title.
At the end of the review they say that the waitstation 3 version does not look as good as the 3fix-me version, so stop cryin.

Blackmoses3888d ago

oh brother not one of them. For the last year and half it's been all xbox 360. Now Sony is doin well (as of late), and stories are submitted, and now everyone is crying.

Anyways....great is where it's at. Single player mode was good but left me hanging at the end...didn't like that too much.

JPomper3888d ago

Still completely unnecessary to have in the 360 news section.

timmyp533888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

we have news channels for a reason.

HeartlesskizZ3888d ago

This compelling ride through the streets of sin city is a worthy addition to any PS3 owner's library. this is pure crap, I returned the game after 30 mns of online gameplay, is laggy, graphics the same from 360 version so what was that 6 months for? lazy devs should be punish!,
seriously tom clancy: is u going to keep doind crappy games for the ps3 u should hand over the games to a better company, perhaps epic or insomiac. get a life lazy devs.

EZCheez3888d ago

The game isn't that bad. I'm having fun with it online, and there is no issue with lag in MOST matches. If anything, I think this is one of the best ports so far.

Now FEAR, that sucked. Royally. And don't even ask about online.

ER1X3888d ago

Changing gameplay modes/maps online takes forever. Load screens are almost unbearable. Lag is usually only an issue when switching modes or if the host has too many people than his connection can handle. BlueTooth headset compatibility is awful.

Story mode is very short and hardly compelling. I wish I would have rented the game first.

RussianSniper3888d ago

The problem is, this freaking game was released 2 months ago...

So how the hell is this news?

EZCheez3888d ago

Countdown- 26 days to online carnage. You know what I'm talking about.

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