Playstation Blog: Resident Evil 5 Trailer

Scarlett from Capcom-unity writes in Playstation Blog:
This is Scarlett from Capcom-unity, and I wanted to give a big thanks to SCEA for inviting us to put an entry on its blog. I know there have been a lot of queries here about the upcoming Resident Evil 5 trailer (thanks!), and we wanted to set the record straight. So, without further ado …

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Frulond3919d ago

There is a link for a PS3 wallpaper in the blog ;)

Kleptic3918d ago

ha yeah I saw that...

RE5 does look amazing gameplay wise, even though we only saw a few seconds of it even in the longer trailer...everything else was game engine cutscenes it appeared...

Hopefully this game doesn't get crapped on with its multiplatform' looks great so far though...

aaquib23918d ago

Im surprised Major Nelson doesnt have Capcom or someone on his blog. Capcom favours Microsoft wayy more than Sony(lost planet, dead rising, dmc4, etc.). Either ways the trailer looks great, but was it running on PS3 or 360? I think it was PS3...I could be wrong, though.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3918d ago

Devil May Cry 4 is on both consoles. And How could Dead Rising and Lost Planet be on PS3, when the games were developed and released on XBOX 360 before PS3 was even out.

aaquib23918d ago

It was supposed to be a PS3 exclusive for soo long and then went multiplatform(DMC), and Lost Planet and Dead Rising could've easily ported couldn't they? Most of the games on the PS3 launch were ports, so why not dead rising or Lost Planet? They were both ready products and they already had the engine for PS3, so it'd be port-able. When DMC4 when multiplatform, Capcom said they wanted the most people do play their games, yet it doesn't apply to their 2 top titles, Lost planet and Dead Rising?

Lightning Mr Bubbles3918d ago

As long as Dead Rising 2 is on PS3, I'll be fine

aaquib23918d ago

I just hope Microsoft doesnt have exclusive rights for that series. It was so much fun when I played it at my brothers house.

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Marceles3918d ago

I just want a wallpaper of when the zombies first started attacking him on the trailer and there was about 6 weapons flying at him while another one was running at him to tackle him...that was crazy

Contra263918d ago

it's black on black crime.

stupid niggggers

RelloC3918d ago

you should rid the world of your filth, and just pull the trigger.

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The story is too old to be commented.