GTA IV: Demo debriefing

It'd be a darn, dirty lie to say that the next-gen Liberty City didn't look great, but in CVG's recent demo we quickly settled back into their comfort zone and everything felt very GTA again.

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Ares843982d ago

I'm not too happy that it's in NYC...everything is just brown and gray. Let's see how it turns out!
Also...shame on Rockstar for douing what they did with the PS3 version!
(I know you guys left it alone for 2 weeks in the Xboxes's not like you guys couldn't do it.)

The Real Joker3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

Yeah right..I am sure it had nothing to do with the fact that 90% of the devs that work on PS3 have said it is more difficult to program. The delay will have nothing to do with the release. Both will come out on the same date so it does not matter. The notion that they are holding the game back for MS is f*cking stupid. They are a company who want to get the game out to make money. Plain and simple. Both versions will be great and sell well. So thanks for showing your ass with that comment.

PS360PCROCKS3982d ago

I have to agree with meathead, wth are you talking about!? They have the same release date. Anyways the more I hear about this the more I like...a cover system? Amazing! I hate having to just run away and try to hide behind a building when being shot-up by tons of cops, tanks, and helicopters.

Ares843982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

They do have the same release date for now. But anything can change. I hope it wont. But guys thing that the 50 mil. that MS gave Rockstar has nothing to do with it?...yea right!:D

PS360PCROCKS3982d ago

No I don't...50 million dollars to get the game 2 weeks early? Yeah that's really worth it, come on get over it, the PS3 is harder to dev for, everyone knows that!

Ares843982d ago

I do know that the PS3 is harder to develop for (at least that's what devs are saying) but I'm 100% sure that the 50mill has something to do with it too!
MS gave that 50 mill. for extra missions I know...but I'm sure that they told Rockstar that it wont hurt if the PS3's version comes out like 2 weeks later or so.

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RelloC3982d ago

Over-Hyped Game Ever.

JOLLY13982d ago

Is this guy talking about killzone 2?

sak5003982d ago

Right on Jolly1.

@RelloC: Dont even talk about over hyped. GTA atleast has small little history to justify the hype. We can hardly say the same about the other sequel can we?

warfed3982d ago

RelloC... this isn't the halo section...

BrainDrain3982d ago

Considering the amount of sales the GTA games garner, I think the hype is justified.

RelloC3977d ago

what i meant to say was most over-RATED game ever. and yes KZ2 would win the hype award :)

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AAACE53982d ago

I know you guys aren't really talking about this, but, people keep talking about how GTA is being restricted because of the 360. But if anyone remembers... None of the GTA's from last gen filled up an entire disc! San Andreas was the biggest, and had a whole lot more going on in the game, but that still only filled up half a disc. So don't worry about disc space too much. The game will still be GTA 3, with better environments, more attention to detail, and a different storyline, and some online play to enhance the 2-player model found in San Andreas. That will pretty much be what fills up the other half of the disc.

50 Gb disc are good to have, but it's not life or death at the moment!

AAACE53982d ago

Anyone who can honestly say that a GTA game is overrated must not have played the whole game! Believe it or not some people don't know the game has missions! Some actually think GTA is just about causing as much havoc as possible. The idiots didn't take time to look at the map to see where the missions were.

Come on people, we got to educate these individuals, they don't know they are missing some classic games!