This is Resident Evil on the 3DS

Capcom unveiled two titles for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS including Resident Evil Revelations and released screenshots and a trailer video today.

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eagle212650d ago

Capcom is really doing a great job so far.

Brewski0072650d ago

yeah gotta admit they're really upping their game this looks great. More like this please !!

fossilfern2650d ago

and this is all in real time! Hmmm i defenatly need a 3DS now :D

Shang-Long2650d ago

wow....Nintendo really are handheld kings.
can wait to see the psp 2

EvilBlackCat2650d ago

this a game title on 3DS or any platform that i dont really gives fuck about it.

smash-brother-102650d ago

No wonder you only have one bubble, you click on an article, comment on it, saying you don't care about the game. Well why comment then

HolyOrangeCows2650d ago

He meant to say that this title is not on the Xbox 360, thus he is dissatisfied.

Cevapi882650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

yet you had to make a stupid comment looking like an idiot...instead of saying that the games dont really interest least millions of gamers will still get a lot of entertainment out of both games....YET YOU think your opinion matters

Bandrik2650d ago

Don't care? Then don't play it. Why even bother leaving a comment if you really don't care?

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Wolf8732650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

So is that video made from in-game assets or is it a separate video?

*Edit: Another disagree, it's like someone is following me and purposely leaves a disagree for no apparent reason where ever I comment. I asked a genuine question.

SpoonyRedMage2650d ago

It's in-engine/real time as confirmed by Capcom. Looks good, no?

Wolf8732650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

I've been away on vacation for a good while, missed a whole lot of news. Still trying to catch up on stuff. Thanks for that bit of info.

*Edit: Aha! It happened again. Whoever you are, please stop being childish and stop giving disagrees without leaving a reason.

Hisiru2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

As SpoonyRedMage said, it's real time/in-engine (confirmed by Capcom).


jsc249jobal2650d ago

This looks gamecubish and the Wings of Icarus shown at E3 looked N64 and that had been in production for about a I missing something?

MetalFreakMike2650d ago

I'm buying a 3DS and this is on my list of games I'm getting for it. I been playing my Wii more and getting Monster Hunter Tri soon. Nintendo has been coming out with a good amount of games to get me interested again. I'm glad game company's are jumping onboard with the 3DS.

Sigh2650d ago

wheres the one for psp... still waiting for that ever since last year's announcement at Sony conference.

Neo Nugget2650d ago

The pirates stole it. AAAAARRRRG!

Sigh2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

son of a b-----!

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The story is too old to be commented.