E3 ‘10: Rage Demo Impressions | Spawn Kill

Dave Stewart of Spawn Kill relates the demo of Rage shown off at last week's E3. Rage might take the title of prettiest game this year, and what it does on the Xbox 360 is an impressive feat. Check out the full preview for some cool tidbits about the demo.

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tigresa2730d ago

I thought the EXACT same thing. It looks like Fallout and Borderlands had a lovechild, with its bits of adopted DNA. Seeing it run at 60 FPS without hiccups on console is definitely impressive.

K-Tuck2730d ago

I like the art direction of it with the exception of the enemies. I've had enough run-down, open-jaw, post-apocalyptic ne'er-do-wells sprinting at me wielding a crude club in murderous rage, and I'm certainly not looking for any more of that.