Retro: Fun Pfhor Everyone

DualShockers writes, "Before Master Chief became the gaming icon for his generation, there was a little Apple game developer called Bungie, and they made a game called Marathon. I waxed nostalgic for Marathon a bit ago, so I decided to give the series the full treatment it deserves.

If the symbol up there looks familiar, you probably first saw it when selecting your difficulty in the original Halo, and it’s one of the many touches that will make Marathon seem familiar, even if you’ve never played it before. Halo fans will appreciate some of the touches, like dual wielding shotguns and goofy level names. No dedicated grenade or melee button here, although you can dual wield your fists which makes for a badass (if ineffective) weapon..."

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Hitman07692918d ago

This game keeps coming up again and again and every time it sounds better. I'm going to have to go back and play this now. Glad there are links in the article!

Ninferno2918d ago

Master Chief for life!!! YEAHHH!

Nicaragua2918d ago

Never heard of this game, interesting article

taz80802918d ago

Marathon is the roots of Halo and no one really knows about it. Great article.

iiprotocolii2918d ago

I remember playing Marathon back in the day. Very much so the root of the Halo universe. It'd be interesting to see Bungie branch off into that series again.

JoelT2918d ago

Halo appeared at Macworld before Xbox was even a thought.

iiprotocolii2918d ago

You sound like a Snapple Fact.

Hitman07692918d ago

Made from the best stuff on, errr... Halo.

Hitman07692918d ago

Yes we have been learning a lot about Marathon and Bungie and what they meant to gaming. I hope that big dogs like Sony Nintendo Micro and Apple are not forgetting the history of this franchise and how it blew up. If they let franchises like this slip through their hands it can make or break a gaming platform!!!