Confirmed One New Location in MGS4 is South America

In the latest episode of the Kojima Productions podcast, the hosts reveal that Raiden and Vamp were actually not fighting in the Middle-East but in South America.

Other news revealed about MGS4 trailer revealed also, including information about Eva, and "What" or "Who" Raiden is, or what he has become.

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AnDy FrOm MiAmi3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

Yes omfg yes yes omg yes yes omfg yes first post!

Frulond3983d ago

If there are going to be to separate levels as in MGS2 one for Snake and one for Raiden (oh please not a whole area as Raiden again please no)


AllroundGamer3983d ago

i hope so, that would be refreshing, cause raiden would be more action oriented than snake.

hazeblaze3983d ago

MGS2 was my favorite one so far! I wouldn't mind getting to play as both Raiden and Snake again!

acetw1n3983d ago

i kind of figured that the trailer took place in south american do to the palm trees and stuff, im guessing raidens a cyborg!?,anyway someone one tell whats on the podcast ,i cant hear it at work.Whats up wit eva and raiden?

also mention a while back , a battleship, eastern europe & north america.

madness3983d ago

some points:

- Raiden was indeed the one solider not affected by FoxDie
- Raiden was in the Sneaking Camo and not the Robotic Suit in the first scene
- Developers dissappointed forums did not notice the second scene was in South America
- Eva is back
- No other details on Raiden

Snake_Doctor3983d ago

I can't wait to give Kojima 60 bucks!!!


This game must take place in two alternate time periods

If you look at how most of the MGS series is set up

Snake is usually visiting an area that you have played already in the very beginning but under different circumstances !

I can't wait to play this game, and for all the mysteries to be revealed.

And I definately wouldn't mind playing as Raiden, THIS time around.
of course, some of you may already KNOW that

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