Thrillville dev: Wii popularity could dwindle like EyeToy's

In an interview with Next-Gen, veteran games developer, David Braben, (responsible for co-authoring Elite back in the 1980s and more recently the founder of Frontier Developments), has compared the Nintendo Wii to the Sony PlayStation 2's camera accessory, the Eye Toy - something novel in the beginning that people may get bored with after 18 months or so.

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PS360WII3953d ago

Wait the eye toy was popular? I know it sold some but it was hardly anything close to the Wii. Nice try though keep em coming.

Umbrella Corp3953d ago

The Eye Toy is a add on to the Playstation 2 it did not have as much games like the wii and not many big developers were interested in it.How can you compare the eye toy with the Wii it does not even make any sense,the Wii has great developers behind it Ubisoft,EA,Square-Enix and many many more.

ASSASSYN 36o3953d ago

I got bored with the wii in the gamestop store. I admit I had fun for about 20 min.

clownfacemcgee3953d ago

I played my friends Wii a couple times, and I was wondering where the fun was. Games like Wii sports were mildly entertaining, but got really old really fast. Then Red Steel. That was terrible. After playing Resistance, Red Steel was amazingly annoying. The controls were jumpy and the graphics were bad. You couldn't manage to aim at anyone. You were more directing the character than controlling him. Ahh, I'm an anti-Nintendo fanboy, yes, but that's because Nintendo throws out crap.

Gears is a fantastic game. Resistance is a fantastic game. Halo 3 will be a fantastic game. Killzone 2 will be a fantastic game. Bioshock will be a fantastic game. Little Big Planet will be a fantastic game. Halo Wars will be a fantastic game. MGS4 will be a fantastic game. Project Gothem Racing 4 will be a fantastic game. (I personally have loved the PGR series) And Gran Turismo 5 will be a fanastic game. Where are the fantastic games for the Wii?

VirusE3953d ago

Mario galaxy and metroid prime will both be amazing games. Beyond that who knows.

texism3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Metroid will be awesome, Mario galaxy will be awesome, Batallion Wars will be awesome, Mario Kart will be awesome, Brothers in Arms with 32p online will be awesome, No More Heroes will be awesome, Mario Strikers will be awesome, Final Fantasy: CC will be awesome, Dragon Quest Swords will be awesome, Bully will be awesome.

And that's not counting the other casual/young-oriented games like Dewey and DeBlob and WiiFit and Geometry wars...

So what the hell are you saying? This is why I hate dumb fanboys. Yes, the wii is not hardcore, but geeze give Ninty some props. Don't hate.

i Shank u3953d ago

I have yet to play a game on wii that makes me want to play for over 30mins, but a im a metroid crackhead and smashbros fiend, so i know ill get one damnit

machine3953d ago

I spent about 50 hours on Twilight Princess, and had a blast. Red Steel did have some jumpy controls, but it showed promise considering it was the first FPS launch game. In time, when more developers get the hang of the wii, better quality FPS games are sure to come. And although I strongly believe metroid Prime is not a FPS, its a first person adventure game damnit, other developers will use this as an example to learn from.
Besides that, Super Paper Mario kicked ass. Trauma Center was a lot of fun too.
The wii is here to stay and only great things can come of it, for everyone. you cant say that it bringing in skads of new people to video games is a bad thing. even if nintendo is appealing to the casual gamer- didn't we all start off that way? i see the wii as being best compared to weed. its a gateway drug (no, i don't really believe weed is gateway drug- but the metaphor applies its self well). it can only mean that more and more people are finally seeing why people like us spend so much time and money on our digital entertainment. and if knowing that there is a bunch of sixty year olds out there playing wii tennis makes you uncomfortable, do you really believe that you wont still be playing video games when your that old? i know i will be.

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THE_JUDGE3953d ago

for a come back. Now I don't think it will sell systems like the Wii but I will get it so I can use it with Burnout Paradise and so I can video chat online. And I had the Wii along time ago. I used to have to swing my remote at my TV when the batteries were dying. Got old quick.

Premonition3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

I dont know, but if I were a wii owner and looked at the upcoming games from like EB games and Gamestop website, I would shake my head, I dont know what people see when they look at this list compared to the other 2 consoles, I mean even the names for wii games sound boring. Like I said before I would rather stick with the DS than the Wii, the Wii is pretty much a DS but with a motion sensing remote.

ItsDubC3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

A lot of ppl want other types of games besides shooters, sports games, and racing sims.

nirwanda3953d ago

and all the tens of millions of people who bought the DS will see the wii as an upgrade and will want something similar and this is the nearest thing to it and is more social with a room full of other non gamers.

scarlett_rg3953d ago

This guy is way off base.

The difference with the Wii and the Eye-toy is that for one, the Eye-toy wasn't shipped with every PS2 sold, and therefore there were only a small number of games that actually used it.

The Wii is a CONSOLE... therefore EVERY game uses it. Comparing an accessory to a console is just plain dumb.

Now if he wants to compare the Wii-Zapper, Wii-Wheel, or Wii-Balance Board to the Eye-toy, then I may agree with him, but as I said... the guy is WAY off base.

Armyless3953d ago

That's what sets it apart.

scarlett_rg3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )


But what the guy fails to realize, is that the controller comes with every system sale, and is required for every game... whereas the Eye-toy didn't/isn't.

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