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Submitted by kennykramer 2056d ago | article

Twisted Metal on PS3 Proves Graphics Aren't Really That Important

B Thompson: "One thing is curious though. Twisted Metal on the PS3 is being built from the ground up for that hardware exclusively. So even though the focus is to ensure everything runs smooth, shouldn’t a major exclusive be able to get some kind of support from Sony to ensure it reaches AAA status? Either way, it’s nice to see Sony fans change their tune and be supportive of gameplay over looks. We all remember that Lair “looked good”, but if the game is about combat, the combat has to work. Kudos to David Jaffe for putting gameplay over visuals." (Lair, PS3, Sony, Twisted Metal , Wii, Xbox 360)

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VG_Releaser  +   2056d ago
Watch, Jaffe will shock everyone. It's still VERY early on. Twisted Metal will look good, plus YES gameplay is everything.
-Alpha  +   2056d ago | Well said
Exactly, this article just is plain wrong. Why are people judging the graphics THIS early on? This article completely misses the boat when saying "well graphics don't matter".

They aren't even finalized! I'm so confused as to how the talk of Twisted Metal has gravitated towards the graphics. I would think people with some common sense in the "gaming industry" would understand why the graphics are the way they are. The fact that Jaffe had to address and ensure people that "the disappearing house glitch will be fixed in the final game" just goes to show how stupidly people can judge a game. Did people miss the gameplay? The online? Wasn't that the focus? Wasn't that what Jaffe was going on about? I'm still in shock at the fact that the game has been produced to the level it has without it leaking onto the websites.

Second, if people are suddenly saying graphics don't matter it's not only damage control (to a game that is coming out NEXT YEAR) but hypocritical. I've said it countless times that graphics shouldn't be the be-all and end-all, but I can't count how many times games, especially on the 360, and especially SMG2 have been knocked down because of graphics. If Twisted Metal is what it takes to show "graphics really aren't that important" then people who believe that are either slow or being hypocrites. I still can't tell if the title is a jab at PS3 fanboys or if it's actually serious.

Edit: To be fair the article makes some good points, but I don't see how people can be disappointed with the graphics this early on. Why does everything have to look like Uncharted 2 to some people? The title makes it sound as if Twisted Metal compensates graphics for gameplay, and I've seen Twisted Metal come under some weird criticism for graphics.
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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   2056d ago
The "hypocritical" point is a good lesson learned to not be a fan boy. It seriously has to hurt people's ego and self esteem to have egg all over their faces. Its hard to avoid it though, I'm sure, especially if someone is disrespecting something you really like. People get all defensive when it comes to their "whatever" of choice. But as it stands, only time will tell if these "egg on face" moments will keep the fanboyism at bay.

Btw...6 bubbles? You're on a roll aren't ya, lol?!?!?
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whothedog  +   2056d ago
haha well said. I give you a bubble for "Well said"
WildArmed  +   2056d ago
lol exactly.
I get what the author is trying to say, but he chooses the wrong way to go about it.

There are alot of games already have been loved and they don't have amazing graphics like GoW3, for example, my fav. action RPG of all time, Demons Souls.
Yet it was perceived nicely, from critics and ps3 owners.

Now, in NO way am I saying that these games have bad graphics.
Because honestly, most games look really good to me.
If you've been gaming as long as I have, I bet you'd agree. 8-bit gaming/Atari was just as fun, but not as pretty xD

I think everyone understood that some games have to sacrifice gfx for gameplay such as in MAG, Resistance, Resonance of fate.. etc etc.

But picking on a game that isn't completed is quite immature.
It's just as bad as all those halo reach pre-alpha comparisions =/

PS: Dexter's back! lol +1 bubb.
Finally got on Season 4, it's pretty good
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-Alpha  +   2056d ago
Yeah, Dexter's back :)

One serial killer after the other lol.

Demon's Souls was my favorite game last gen (alongside UC2), but the LAST thing I cared for was graphics. It was deeper than Uncharted 2 in terms of gameplay and was such a well crafted game. Unfortunately, graphics are the easiest way to sell a game in the industry. It's one of the problems with this gen. Now, props to Naughty Dog because they were able to make a game that had a lot of focus on graphics, but they delivered on gameplay, story, and dialogue, too.

Games look pretty, but lack content. Games have online, but single player is ignored. Online and graphics, as great as they can be, tend to hurt some developers. And it also warps the perception and expectations for gamers. People demand great graphics and online, developers focus on in because it's what the masses want, and sometimes they end up making sacrifices.

I don't see why Twisted Metal should be the sudden revelation that graphics aren't the most important thing in a game. And I feel that people who try to defend that needed to wake up to this fact a long time ago.
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FangBlade  +   2056d ago
"Demon's Souls was my favorite game last gen (alongside UC2)"

What do you mean by "last gen"?
callahan09  +   2056d ago
@FangBlade: I think he meant "last year."
Sanzee  +   2056d ago
Response 1: This article is just plain wrong.
Response 2: This article makes some good points.

NecrumSlavery  +   2056d ago
Graphics are going to be judged bad in the end. Regardless of how good this game ends up.
Kahvipannu  +   2056d ago
A-M22, well sayed, bubbles
exnihilonihilfit  +   2056d ago
What's so bad about the graphics now? Sure they aren't GT5 graphics, but they're much better than a lot of games out now, no worse than GTAIV or its DLC.
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Spydiggity  +   2056d ago
there are tons of great 360 games that get slammed day in and day out by ps3 fanboys cuz the graphics "aren't as good as UC2."

THAT is hypocritical

what's unjustifiably arrogant is that the very same ppl are now giving credit to a game that looks, in every way, worse than many games i've seen last gen for showing us that graphics aren't the most important factor.

i don't know too many gamers that think graphics are the most important thing. BUT, most of us probably would agree (if we're being unbiased), that there is a graphical line that we draw to consider a game current gen (especially if it's full retail) and TM simply doesn't come close to that line. ...yet, anyway
kancerkid  +   2056d ago
Honestly, how much better do you think the graphics can get at this point? It takes a lot of work to overhaul a game with big locales such as it seems this Twisted Metal has, and it would take a hell of a lot more work to make them great, compared to what has been shown.

Do you people think the developers just load up some "bettah graphx" program and they will all of the sudden be good? No, they have to specifically make them, which takes a lot of time and hard work, which just won't happen.

When RAGE was first shown in 2007, it had graphics that are almost exactly like those in the recent E3 vidz. But once the graphical foundation is set, they start working on performance and gameplay.

Don't hold your breath that the graphics will get better, just be happy the IP is being rebooted and hope it gets some good gameplay.
-MD-  +   2056d ago
Jaffe already said the graphics will get a 10-30% bump from now to launch so don't expect anything amazing like Uncharted.

Twisted Metal was about gameplay not graphics. If you want graphics you're playing the wrong game.
inveni0  +   2056d ago
That's obvious from what we've seen. The Twisted Metal demo we saw at E3 really just looked like "Calling all Cars" with a new skin.
nycredude  +   2056d ago
Are you serious invenio?

Calling all cars? I just played it the other for a quick fun session and let me tell you Twisted Metal does NOT look like calling all cars.
UnwanteDreamz  +   2056d ago
I agree but I wont give them a pass on graphics. I expect to see a certain ammount of polish in these games and I will hold Twisted Metal to that standard.

I don't believe they will have a problem meeting my expectations though.
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raztad  +   2056d ago
Dont expect such a big/fast paced game with destructible environments to look like UC2. Even if that can be done, Eat Sleep and Play is a small studio so probably is out of their reach.

Jaffe himself explained there are some trade off they had to make in order to have the game running at the highest possible framerate, with NO popins and NO tearing.

BTW, I dont quite understand, even in the current state TM looks quite acceptable. It will obviously look better.
ThanatosDMC  +   2056d ago
He needs to include Burnout/Motorstorm type of vehicular destruction.
thereapersson  +   2056d ago
This guy is an idiot
The game is still early in its lifecycle, with it JUST being announced at E3. It's got a long way to go before it's even near ready for gold status. And bringing up Lair and assuming that the game might not be an AAA title when one: see the point about it being at this stage in its development, and two: IT'S GODDAMN TWISTED METAL!

Then he mentions Lair and Sony fans as if PS3 owners can't have their cake and eat it too when it comes to both graphics AND game play. Killzone 2, inFAMOUS, Wipeout HD and numerous other PS3 titles HAVE proven that it's possible!

Stealth trolling in the guise of an article for hits to your website on N4G is really pathetic.

@ Murderdolls

You're pretty much spot-on, although I do believe that we'll still have a bit more graphical fidelity with this than we did with Twisted Metal: Black, which to be honest was still a great-looking title (it's just the dreary art direction put some people off).

Besides, running at 60 frames per second, with massive, destructible levels, and having so much going on with the environment at once (other cars, opponents, explosions, etc.), AND having the game look even somewhat decent at this point in time is a pretty impressive feat IMO.
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thereapersson  +   2056d ago
my comment must've touched the nerve of a lot of lurking trolls!
Davoh  +   2056d ago
As long as the game has graphics equal to or better then the games during the later years of the PS2 I wouldn't care. I'll be happy with just the usual twisted metal gameplay.
kesvalk  +   2056d ago
twisted metal aways had bad graphics, don't get your hopes up...

you can hype all you want, but TM is a not a big budget game...
shoddy  +   2056d ago
Just like warhawk, graphic not too nextgen but gameplay awsome.
Well a game need at least one or the other to be decent.
Most ps3 games have both.
FangBlade  +   2056d ago
"Demon's Souls was my favorite game last gen (alongside UC2)"

What do you mean by "last gen"?
Rip-Ridah  +   2056d ago
I'm sure he meant to say "last year."
Inside_out  +   2056d ago
David Jaffe
The game is not the best looking game this gen. Everybody knows that. I think the game play will have to be twice as good for this game to be received well. Right now, maybe they should of just released a trailer and let everybody know the game will be out next year. By showing an in game trailer this early has left the game open to criticism. From what I saw, it has more problems than just graphics. The entire environment looks sparse.

There have been many great games with great graphics. I think gamers expect the most for there dollars. GT, F1 2010, NFS, Blur, etc...all are making an appearance this year and all have outstanding graphics for there genre's. David Jaffe needs to concentrate on his game and get busy. He's a couple of comments away from sinking this ship before it launches.
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iceman06  +   2056d ago
To be fair...
You can't really compare TM franchise to racers like GT, F1, NFS, or even Blur. It is more akin to Just Cause 2 or any other open world game. There are no pre-determined tracks, just maps. Sure, a pre-alpha build is going to have issues with graphics, detail, and even physics. But, there is still quite a bit of development time. Playstation fans have been very vocal about their want for a new TM and Jaffe is answering the call. I have total faith that he will take great care of his "baby" and give us the fun that we fondly remember...regardless of graphical fidelity!
xJxdOggyStYLe  +   2056d ago
if gameplay is now everything ...then i guess killzone the worst game i have ever played.
HighDefinition  +   2056d ago
Twisted Metal will be fun and the graphics look good.
gtamike  +   2056d ago
Twisted Metal FTW
The graphics looks better than Twisted Metal Black PS2 plu in HD so im happy. Just be pleased that we get a Twisted Metal Game for PS3 only. :D Oh and game is not at final yet, we are lucky we saw something.
gtamike  +   2056d ago
At least the game don't have Crackdown 2 graphics that would be bad LOLOL!!!
vgn24  +   2056d ago
yea and???????
Deathracer  +   2056d ago
I don't understand PS3 only users. I see them always bragging about how good their graphics are on their games, yet when one game has average graphics with amazing gameplay, you get the above comment. If you look at the Crackdown 2 articles you will see the hate on the graphics (even though they are an art style similar to Borderlands) when Crackdown is all about gameplay, same as Twisted Metal is. Little contradicted ey? Not saying you personally but some of the users on this site.

Personally I would love amazing gameplay over graphics, in this case TM. While U2 has some beautiful graphics the gameplay was pretty average which is why I really didn't enjoy the game that much. I always get more entertainment out of games with not as high quality graphics than I do with amazing graphic quality. With the exception of Killzone 2, that game was just beautiful and had amazing gameplay.
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Downtown boogey  +   2056d ago
I think the graphics look good! I don't understand what we need this damages control for... Maybe it's STEALTH TROLLING!
Unicron  +   2056d ago
And I always see 360 fanboys playing the sales card and acting like victims.

Please don't generalize. Fanboys are stupid by nature.
Deathracer  +   2056d ago
I'm not saying the graphics are bad, they are good just not as good as other PS3 exclusives. Which is where PS3 graphics shine, in the exclusives. Yet no one has a problem with it.
games4fun  +   2056d ago
how lame this whole thing is.
first off its not just ps3 only users. Its pc users,its 360 users and even wii users will comment on how good their games are graphically for their consoles, example look at monster hunter comments and graphics, zelda, even mayamoto knows they matter.

Graphics matter, that's right i said it. Do they matter so much you can't enjoy a game? No. Do they matter so much that if two similar games are next to each other and one looks better you'll buy that instead? yes.

Graphics have a misconception anyway. Graphics arguments are really arguments over a consoles power. Because people are talking framerate how it looks and if its open world or not. That's a lot of stuff.

I like games that are more "Advanced" meaning great physics, number and variety of enemies without just endlessly spawning them, and how great it looks along with Art direction. Stuff happening on screen, particle effects, how the character interacts and animations. (this is why uncharted is awesome i'm blown away by the number of animations for hundreds of tasks and how they vary.) But the game needs to be fun first before anything else.

Lets also talk about twisted metal, are those really bad graphics? Sure they might not be the greatest ever, but they are still great graphics wise, its not like they look like ps2 cars or anything, so what are they talking about, the graphics are acceptable and the game is fun to play.

So really graphics do matter, the game just has to be fun first before anything else. Is it so hard to understand?

Half of the fun can be the graphics so just stop. Graphics and gameplay are intertwined why do you think each generation we improve them?

Do you think sony wanted to make a ps3 if graphics didn't matter? Why didn't the gamecube just get a wiimote add-on.

They matter, they add immersion for most games, it's just a fact, it's not like we're throwing fun gaming under a bus they are trying to make gaming more sophisticated with each new generation.
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maddhatter123  +   2056d ago

no one cares because ps3 exclusives almost all have huge improvements over time(remeber all the people who said gow3 looked like crap when it was first shown? and look how that turned out) and this game still has plenty of time to get better. also the game doesn't even look bad, it just doesn't look up to ps3 standards it would be considered good looking on any other console. so unlike everyone else jumping to conclusions we are just going to let history repeat itself and laugh when they start back tracking.
theonlylolking  +   2056d ago
Graphics are just as important as gameplay. Would Heavy Rain be as immersive if it didnt have those graphics? Just think about that game with call of duty wii graphics or call of duty 4? It wont draw you into the game as well. Same with killzone 2 just think about playing it with halo 3 graphics. It would not feel like the same game.
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tdrules  +   2056d ago
if a game isn't as good with bad graphics it is a very shallow game
games4fun  +   2056d ago
would you play super mario bros. 2 if the crisp blocky graphics were blurred and you couldn't judge distances and where the platforms begin or does this argument only pertain to current gen games?

or how about if the game just looked bad with green and turd coloring and non pleasing to the eye color schemes. Would you really play that for hours on end.
#4.2 (Edited 2056d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
tdrules  +   2056d ago
well a game is broken if you can't judge distances.
But yeah I would, Killzone 2 was brown/orange/blue and I completed that just fine (tender spot?)
vgchica  +   2056d ago
Day one for our house. Hubby knows whats good for him. *_*
BeaRye  +   2056d ago
All this stuff about it not being AAA... It's AAA to me.
BeaArthur  +   2056d ago
That's subjective. Although I don't care all that much about graphics, many gamers do.
Trroy  +   2056d ago
Little dev studios often can't keep up with graphics...
...but they often make up for it with gameplay.

I still enjoy PS2 games, so I doubt I'll be disappointed with TM3. Strangely, its only the Wii which seems to get graphics that are truly unworthy of the hardware (Nintendo titles are good, though) -- probably because of the low publisher investment in them.
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Rip-Ridah  +   2056d ago
thatgamecompany did a HELLUVA job with Flower tho. I think we all can agree to that.
raztad  +   2056d ago
"Either way, it’s nice to see Sony fans change their tune and be supportive of gameplay over looks. " <-WTF is this?

Ps3 players have been enjoying both games with impressive graphics and awesome gameplay. Nobody wants good graphics and poor gameplay. Look at MAG, graphics are OK-ish but MAG players love the game, because the gameplay is top notch.
OSU_Gamer  +   2056d ago
Are you serious?

The first thing at every N4G Sony fanboy sees when look at a 360 exclusive is the resolution and overall graphics quality, and that's the most used subject for comparison by Sony fanboys between PS3 and 360 exclusives.

I could care less how good or bad Twisted Metal Graphics are, that's not what will make that game good or bad for me. With that said, its wil be interesting to see some of the responses knowing how much they stress graphics.
silvacrest  +   2056d ago
not all sony fans are like that
i thoroughly enjoyed infamous and it was hardly the best looking PS3 game
maddhatter123  +   2056d ago
funny how when we bring up the resolution problems and all those other things the game usually does not end up that great just look at alan wake and splinter cell conviction. quality graphics show the dev put effort into the game so if it looks like crap it will most likely play like crap. just look at all the games on the ps3 people called gaphics king they are all AAA. everyone talked about how heavy rain had no gameplay it was all graphics and that alan wake had better gameplay and then it reviewed better then and sold better then alan wake.
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raztad  +   2056d ago

I'm totally serious.

The topic of comparing games is not something you can blame on "Sony fanboys". There are sites out there specialized in comparing multiplats, count pixels and use special equipment to measure framerate differences. Those sites prove to be very popular among xbox owners when a random multiplat (like Bayonetta, RDR) is superior on the xbox. Yet I know many Sony fans that bought Bayonetta, RDR, Dragon Age, MAG.

I'll say again: Ps3 players have been enjoying both games with impressive graphics and awesome gameplay cases in point KZ2, UC2, GoW3. Nobody wants good graphics and poor gameplay. Look at MAG, Bayonetta (PS3), Darksider, etc graphics are OK-ish but many love those games, because the gameplay is top notch.

You shouldnt mix PS3 fanboys/trolls with PS3 fans, as this article is doing.
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Robert Kotick  +   2056d ago
My highly successful Call of Duty franchise proved that first.
Hacker  +   2056d ago
Who cares about Graphics just give us the game my ps3 is collecting dust.
SIR-DARK-HAZE  +   2056d ago
So there are no games that appeal to you?
bjornbear  +   2056d ago
he has a crysis avatar
chances are he enjoys playing numbers and specs over games
Rip-Ridah  +   2056d ago
No, just look at his name and it will explain why he has no games for his PS3. Blu-ray/PS3 isn't so easy to hack to get free games huh? Better stick to the 360 and PC for those exploits cuzz Sony is on top of you like white on rice!!
DigitalAnalog  +   2056d ago
He doesn't play games. He jerks off to 3D Mark benchmarks/demos and reaches climax once it tallied up the final results.

-End statement
Unicron  +   2056d ago
60fps, no screen tearing. It was okay for CoD4, shouldn't it be okay now?

I don't get why Crackdown 2 and TM are being bagged on so much?
djfullshred  +   2056d ago
Some visual styles with simpler graphics suit certian types of gameplay. Twisted metal is a game where everything is moving fast all the time. I think a simpler grpahic style is much more suited to that type of game. It actually makes it easier to play, because you already have so much going on. More eye candy is a distraction.

Anyone that stops for 2 seconds to look at texture details of the environment, are going to get their asses blown up by players like me. ;-)
#13 (Edited 2056d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
silvacrest  +   2056d ago
i thought infamous already proved this?

also i thought what we saw at 3e was pre alpha? i doubt the graphics will have a huge jump from then to release but i still expect an improvement
bigwheelstuntshow   2056d ago | Spam
Ludakriss  +   2056d ago I think it's fair I have my say too.
Aint this a BITCH!! Graphics don't matter?! The fuck are they advertising the "next generation" for then? Might as well call it "same shit, just more expensive".
games4fun  +   2056d ago
you summed up everything i said in a fraction of the space.
DynDasE  +   2056d ago
DOTA and Star Craft prove this.
SnukaTheMan  +   2056d ago
So this story insinuates that the graphics sucks??/
this will not end well......
thief  +   2056d ago
"Either way, it’s nice to see Sony fans change their tune"
The problem with this statement is, its not Sony fans that changed their tune. From day one of the PS3 we heard about how the 360 was superior in the graphics department and therefore the PS3 was a failure, while Eurogamer brought out a series of articles on how PS3 games were slightly blurred or 2fps slower.

Suddenly, when Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 came out at the same time as ODST and L4D2, and Alan Wake / SPlinter Cell came out with 40% fewer pixels (and stil look sub-par to the besr PS3 exclusives), it was all about gameplay

As for Twisted Metal, dont worry, it willl look good - maybe not Uncharted 2 level, but better than Crackdown 2 or Halo 17.
corneliuscrust  +   2056d ago
What the...
The question was never whether or not PS3 COULD pump out great graphics, even Lair LOOKED amazing. The 360 fankids were jumping all over ps3 because it was massively hyped but released with a less than fantastic library which hung over its head for a while after launch. KZ2 and UC2 just helped solidify once and for all the fact that the cell was a monster when handled properly (hell, the first uncharted proved that IMO) The fact that it used brand new architecture made it difficult to code for, meaning multiplats generally didn't end up so well.

It has always been about gameplay.

N64 had better gfx than psx, yet psx raked in the sales due to great games with great gameplay....

xbox1 had the best gfx, but ps2 won out because of a great library of games with amazing gameplay...

This is the FIRST generation where Sony hasn't been the underdog hardware wise... which is funny because there you are spouting off about how important the graphics are and how the graphics on the 360 games you listed weren't good enough, for some reason, even though history has shown us consoles with the best games always win whether they have the graphical edge or not.

The rest is just a pissing contest between fanboys. You are free to continue pissing, but remember which camp that puts you in.

If TM is going to be great, it won't be because it does or doesn't have great graphics. It will be because Jaffe knows what he's doing when it comes to creating compelling games that people love to play.
#19.1 (Edited 2056d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Alcon Caper  +   2056d ago
games were so much better when people didn't have to worry about graphics
Denethor_II  +   2056d ago
Surely this should be in the PS3 section as well?
bjornbear  +   2056d ago
no it doesn't.

how can a yet unreleased early build of a game prove anything graphically?

why don't people wait until the game is released?
ReBurn  +   2056d ago
I don't exactly recall Twisted Metal ever really being a graphical powerhouse. And so what if the new Twisted Metal isn't the most graphically impressive game? As long as the mindlessly fun destruction is there then I'm sold.
Roper316  +   2056d ago
Funny I enjoy TM Black on my PS3 as much as any PS3 game. It is supposed to be about the game play,which every TM created by David Jaffe & Scott Campbell has always delivered on.
N4OGs  +   2056d ago
Its because the ps3 games that have regular graphics are pushing tons of players and stuff on screen
The x360 only has gears of war that looks good and all the rest of their titles look average at best. Also guess what? None of their average graphics titles are doing anything spectacular at all..

warhawk can look the way it looks because it has 32 player online, warhawk jets, jet packs, tanks, etc and tons of vehicles and stuff going on in a huge environment. X360 games with garbage/ average graphics dont have that. There games have nothing special about them that justify them looking like crap. Whats special about crackdown2?

Crack down is far worse looking then twisted metal and crackdown 2 has far less players and destruction going on. Not only that but it doesnt have blazing fast vehicles and destruction on the lvl of twisted metal.

here is crackdown 2 mp

here is twisted metal 16 player online mp. This is pre alpha of online only at 60 fps. Single player always is supposed to look better then online just to note that as well.
#25 (Edited 2056d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Kahvipannu  +   2056d ago
You can't be serious.. You really think that way, don't you?
Spydiggity  +   2056d ago
the top games on wii prove that graphics aren't everything.

twisted metal proves that fanboys will rally behind anything regardless of quality. if twisted metals only shortcomings were graphics, that'd be one thing, but it looks bad on all fronts.

there are XBLA and PSN games that look nicer and more fun than TM.
djfullshred  +   2056d ago
"More fun" is a personal taste thing, and pointless to bring up as an objective review. You are commenting on things nobody knows about when you say "bad on all fronts", since this game is not coming out until next year, and they showed very little of it in the E3 demo.
#26.1 (Edited 2056d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Karum  +   2056d ago
Twisted Metal never did push graphics, it was always about the gameplay.

That said though, Jaffe mentioned on his twitter feed what was shown was pre, pre alpha code (his words). I believe he also mentioned that graphics and effects would end up getting a 10-30% bump but TM will never be an Uncharted 2 in terms of visuals.

All I want from Twisted Metal is a game with good visuals and effects that give a sense of tthe carnage that will be going on accompanied with awesome gameplay.

Give us that Jaffe and you'll have a lot of happy players.
Gene  +   2056d ago
Expect amazing graphics when it comes out.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2056d ago
It's still like a year away from release! Does KZ2 and GOW 3 ring a bell? I'm not saying it will see THAT big of an improvement, but it will get better.
telekineticmantis  +   2056d ago
It's funny how he claims PS3 fans care more about graphics then gameplay, when at the beginning of this generation all people were talking about was how good gears of war looked over ps3 games. Then as soon as killzone 2 came out Xbox fanboys of all kinds claimed graphics didn't count. How easily people forget about modern warfare comparisons etc all of a sudden when the Ps3 has the obvious upperhand.
kewlkat007  +   2056d ago
If I recall it
remember PS2 vs Original Xbox...this will just go in circles. Same sh!t different Gen. Plenty have short-term mem on here.
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