An advance look at 'Halo 3' as Earth makes its final stand

Bungie Studios recently invited a small group of journalists from around the globe to their offices in suburban Seattle for an exclusive taste of "Halo 3"'s single-player mode. It marked the first time the campaign mode had been played by non-Bungie personnel.

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ParaDise_LosT3921d ago

jealous :( lol I hope its as good as I'm hoping it would be when it came out ^^;

rubarb233921d ago

just release the bloody thing now bungie!

power0919993920d ago

I really do wish I could get as excited for this game, as so many others do.

I just don't hold it up as high as the masses.

Maybe this one will change that in me. As of right now it's not at the top of my list.

It will however put up some amazing numbers I am sure.

snittolo3920d ago

I agree. #1 was an amazing game but #2 was just bland to me and didn't deliver to the hype. Not sure if this one will change my mind but in the end I'm sure the numbers will be there.

rubarb233920d ago

this game will consume you whole! word on the street is bungie sold their souls to the devil and in turn have been promised $100, zillion, trillion, billion dollars.....within the 1st minute of sales. lol, all joking aside, i honestly thing this game will deliver. it's the last one so they gotta go out with a bang!

power of Green 3920d ago

No one played the game on the street everbody thats played it said it was stellar. Sence when did people Play Halo so they could look at the enviroments? the game looks great! despite what you built up in your head.

marionz3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

i agree, i played both games and just dont get why they are so big, ive tried hard to like this (aparently) epic story
my flatmate is playing through the first one now, he wants to have played them both before the third one comes out but i know its not his kind of game either
i feel like i have to like halo because the masses do, or do they? does everyone just like this game because MS says we should?
ive gotta say master chief has no personality so it leaves me cold playing as him, also the green and purple gets boreing
love the music though, i will still buy this game because i feel like i need to understand why people love it so much, i hope this time it really impresses me...please bunjie get rid of the flood they suck!

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VirusE3920d ago

I know that everyone has their own opinion but I have played every high profile fps (regardless of platform) that has come out in the last 15 years; half life 1, 2 and ep 1, all the doom games, hexen 1&2, heretic, rise of the triad, goldeneye, fear, stalker, every quake game, all the UT games, Unreal, all the COD games, counter strike, resistance, perfect dark zero and 1 (plus dozens more) and I just don’t understand how someone who says they like fps games doesn’t like the halo games! It's like people not liking metal gear or Zelda. I just don’t understand, in my humble opinion they have the best control, best weapon balance and are some of the most enjoyable games created. Halo is copied all the time now, regenerating shields, guns that have balance rather than guns that just keep getting bigger (doom), a melee button, a grenade button and weapon combos. Are you guys playing a different game than the rest of us? For being “overrated” like many people try to claim it sure does get ubiquitously good reviews and sells a ton. If you don’t like halo you are the exception not the rule.

P4KY B3920d ago

Best comment i've read about Halo.
Well said.

rubarb233920d ago

my friend when bungie unleashes this puppy to the masses it's going to put a hole in the world. it's that big of a deal!

i Shank u3920d ago

dude rise of the triad!!!lol holy sh!t i thought i was the only one who played that, that game was sic when i was little. nice comment dude, I too have played most major FPS over the last 15 years, halo is like the zenmaster balancemaster of FPS

gta_cb3920d ago

best comment i have read in a long time, i havnt played Halo 1/2 that much as i owned a PS2 rather then an xbox, but my brother owns Halo and i played the beta, its alot of fun and will no doubt get good reviews when its released.

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