PES 2008 - 7 Stunning New Screens

Whiles gearing up for the GC conference in German later next month, Konami has released brand new images of their upcoming soccer game PES 08 which is due to hit consoles and handhelds later on this year.

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DiLeCtioN3711d ago

this game is the best football game out there hands down.
oh also if you have a ps3 you can play Pro 6 online on your ps3
choose user log in not required and it should work.

k1ngd4n3711d ago

Jus hope the gameplay is still as gud. with simple touches that fifa has like man of match n simple touches like that. would make all round better game. thats all it needs as we no the gameplay RULEZ!!

HeartlesskizZ3711d ago

My boyfriend will be so happy to see this game is going over the limits. we play every weekend with our friends pes6 and we stil cant get enuff of it, keep it up PES with the most realistic gameplay we can experiense, this is going to be the first nextgen soccer ever!

Gibroon3711d ago

As much as a varied gamer that I like to be, PES is one of those games I love the most and have spent more hours playing these games than any other type of game (WoW might be up there as well). It was the reason I bought a PS2 before GTA, FF or RE.

Nuff said

Can't wait!!

radzy3711d ago

not stunning at all . looks like pro evo 2006 on the 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.