NinjaTheory Talks about Heavenly Sword Demo, Glitches, Build and Hell Mode

Questions were answered by Daves [NT-DEVELOPER] Sound Engineer over at NinjaTheory Forums. These were questions asked about the demo on the PSN of Heavenly Sword.

Question 1
There were a few problems with it that I would like to point out.
- First when you do super styles that abrupt music change is very odd. The volume increases and it just seems a little out of place. The music cut out every so often and there was even one part right at the beginning of the demo that the music was actually crackling.. it was strange.
Some bodies float as well.
But I had so much fun with the demo and I played through it about 12 times so far.

Answer 1
The volume increase was because they were 'super styles', however, I did nock them back a bit and do some balancing just a day or so ago.
The audio (music cutting out) glitches during the Ninja Sequence are also fixed.
FYI the demo was locked down ages ago, plenty of spit n polish has been done since then right...

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sonarus3890d ago

did they say whey they had to make it so short. :(

tehcellownu3890d ago true really really short..I just wish it was longer!!

tehcellownu3890d ago

Um i submit the new yesterday!! anyways glad to know they fixed all the problems..Heavenly sword is one kick [email protected]@ game!! the demo is awesome..

Anego Montoya FTMFW3890d ago

i when thru the ENTIRE demo w/o attacking anyone, only w/ counters.

This game is not for BUTTON MASHERS.

Daz3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Great demo but to short ;( i really like throwing corpses around and throwing swords lol

Eidolon3890d ago

I think I went through the whole second fight sequence trying to get chairs and swords to throw at people.

VirusE3890d ago

Great demo but I hate that lack of camera control. The frame rate could also be a bit higher but they still have 2 months to tweak it out. Definitely a must buy.

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The story is too old to be commented.