First Look: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

"As you can tell by the title, Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward decided to leave behind the World War 2 shooter scene, where there have been more games made than actual years of the war. Instead, they have decided to go up to date, featuring fictional wars in the not too distant future. Although the battles are fictional, Infinity Ward has tried to keep the game as true to life as possible, with actual weapons and equipment used by the Army. None of the weapons used are prototypes, like in the Ghost Recon series, but instead they have tried to keep the game extremely realistic in order to immerse you into the experience."

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Daz3766d ago

Good read, I be getting this for pc because i like the mods people make.

PS3n3603766d ago

For the sake of reality since i already know what its like to fire an ak47, and my trusty rocket launcher, i never leave home without them. wtf. Game is gonna rule my box for most of 2008.

PS360PCROCKS3766d ago

"A few are really intriguing such as Last Stand which, when you take enough damage to die, you fall to your knees, draw your pistol and it gives you a last chance to kill the player who killed you. However, in this mode you will bleed out after a certain time, meaning you will die anyway"

lol this is awesome!

harpua3766d ago

"when you take enough damage to die, you fall to your knees, draw your pistol and it gives you a last chance to kill"

thats effing hysterical

Dr Pepper3766d ago

That would be cool if you had the chance to take a grenade out as well. Seems like you could go out in a more grand display in that way.

WaggleLOL3766d ago

This game looks incredibly mediocre. Weak graphics and tired old gameplay.

Daz3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Whats up with this boy or girl he has no life and needs glasses fast.
He dont know what his talking about just another brain dead troll.

crystallakekiller3766d ago

lol...ha man,now that's funny! mediocre graphics and gameplay? you made my day....thanks! lol

PS360PCROCKS3766d ago

what the hell are you talking about?

Phytonadione3766d ago

guys, before you jump all over WaggleLOL, have you taken into consideration that he may be from the future and that the PS3 is to him what Atari was to us? Or maybe he's just a troll as THAMMER1 mentioned....

PS360PCROCKS3766d ago

thammer where the hell is that video from lol that was ridiculous...

THX71683766d ago

...that's gross... lol

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DiLeCtioN3766d ago

how was this approved after soo many reports...sigh