Beware of Dr. Mario - He is Not a Real Doctor

In case you needed a check-up, make sure you don't go see Dr. Mario. He may not be the one you want fooling around down there.

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taz80803468d ago

All I can say is this is funny as he11!

PS360WII3468d ago

but he's got the pills you need

taz80803468d ago

Dont trust a man in a white coat with that type of mustache, bad things will come.

If he was Dr Mario, what happened to Luigi? Did he become Gyno Luigi?!

drunkpandas3468d ago

Gyno Luigi would end up in jail pretty quickly. Haha

djt233468d ago

lol lol i like the picture

VirusE3468d ago

I could care less if he is licensed; hes got the gooood sheeet man!

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