Q&A: Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson on Football Manager 2008

Sports Interactive may have taken its time to announce Football Manager 2008, but there was little doubt that the game was coming. The series has been updated on an annual basis for over 10 years, has been critically well-received, and holds numerous fastest-selling game records in the UK. And even though the developer has this year announced an online multiplayer version of the game, Football Manager Live, it has maintained that it wouldn't be at the cost of the single-player version of the game.

Developer Sports Interactive has recently relocated, although as managing director Miles Jacobson jokes, "like Arsenal we only moved just up the road". Now boasting an open-plan design and space for numerous teams, the office also holds a toy-filled room for Jacobson, who rose through the ranks to become studio director. GameSpot caught up with him this week to find out more about Football Manager 2008.

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