EA developing a new Super Hero franchise

At Comic-con 2007 EA has announced that EA Chicago is working on a new super hero fighting franchise for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The game will feature an all star line-up of Marvel characters and comes from the team responsible for the Fight Night series and DEF JAM: ICON.

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Qayin3887d ago

is putting the right team on this project!

LightofDarkness3887d ago

EA Chicago + Marvel = possibly the greatest game to feature Marvel characters since Marvel vs. Capcom. Hell fudging yes. Hope they go for a realistic approach too, with character models as superbly designed as those in Fight Night and Def Jam. I hope the combat mechanics are as balanced and long lasting as Fight Night's, just with far greater variation and a larger scope.

THX71683887d ago

Fight Night Round 3 was a great fighting game. Don't know about DEF JAM though.

Very interested in seeing how they incorporate super hero powers to a life like fighting game.