Is Bing Coming To Xbox Live? Look for some new entertainment-related features to be added to Microsoft’s Bing search engine this week. The company is hosting a showy press conference in L.A. tomorrow, along with a panel discussion with entertainment “innovators,” including Ryan Seacrest. Microsoft isn’t commenting on what it is announcing, but IDG News Service cites sources who outline several announcements the company has in store, including a music player that will let users stream tracks they find in Bing and TV results that will also include some episode streaming.

One additional possibility—first mentioned speculatively by TechFlash‘s Todd Bishop—is that some of these features, including the TV search results, may also make their way to Microsoft’s Xbox Live online gaming service. Bishop says he isn’t “privy to the Microsoft announcements,” but I think Microsoft may have tipped its hand during a demo at E3 last week.

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SupaGamer2649d ago

That would be a big reveal.

Bereaver2649d ago

Well... since MS owns Bing, it wouldn't be surprising to me. Actually, I'm more surprised that it's taking them so long.

Rumor2649d ago

subscriptions, fifteen dollars a month, gold members only for a sear....i mean decision engine

vhero2649d ago

Cannot come without adding a web browser which they said they wont EVER do. The only way I can see it happening is on there new video chat software to search for videos to watch together.

Arnon2649d ago

You can already access a web browser through the media center.

D4RkNIKON2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

A web browser is something you'd expect from a paid service like live. It is dumb that it isn't already included..

LEGENDARY PELON2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Only on Xbox!!

Everyone else loses!!

Paradise2649d ago

my god you people

it's "loses" "loser" "lose"

I hope everybody doesn't loose or we will have a lot of loose people

HighTreason2649d ago

FACT: BING is already on PS3 !
FACT: But its useless since GOOGLE is also on PS3 !
FACT: It only does everything !

ThanatosDMC2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

That was a low blow... you didnt have to tell them. Bubbles up!

mcnablejr2649d ago

still useless.

Who would use a games console. to browse the web?

now that's just silly.

Thats what pc's are for. =D

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gta28002649d ago

I just use bing for their cashback. After they discontinue that on July 31st I don't think I'll ever use bing again. Bing sucks IMO.

AAACE52649d ago

When I saw that video at E3, that was all my eyes were focused on! I asked the same question, but for some reason, I doubt it.

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jaredhart2649d ago

It seems logical to me. Microsoft owns Bing so why not?

ElementX2649d ago

I enjoy using Bing as my search engine at work. At home I have the Google home page with fun add-ons. I like Bing's amazing photos which change every day at 2am Central Time :)

bioshock12212649d ago

Yeah I remember seeing this and expecting them to announce a browser for the Xbox 360 but that didn't happen. Maybe it's in the works I could see it working with Kinect but If I have to use a controller then pass.

Godmars2902649d ago

Why/how would a browser search engine come to something that doesn't have a browser?

KionicWarlord2222649d ago

I was thinking the same thing . I think bing on xbl might just be a portal to bings video section .

Its only a guess though .

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