Mark Rein: Halo 3 showing at E3 "hurt" Bungie's sequel

Microsoft selected this year's E3 to give Halo fans their first real glimpse of Halo 3's single-player campaign, but Epic boss Mark Rein reckons that worked against the company and the sequel at the show.

"I think that [showing the single-player campaign] hurt Halo 3 at E3", Rein told CVG when they caught up with him for a chat this week. "Halo 3 didn't win any game of the show awards that I could see. Well, because they didn't have to show Halo. There was no need".

"I'm sure if they'd actually had a big Halo 3 presence, if Microsoft had set up eight machines or 12 or 16 machines so you could sit and play it, it would have won all kinds of awards. But they don't need to because, like me, everyone's already placed their order... So I think that worked against them at E3," the Epic boss added.

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Odion3923d ago

i have to agree the trailer they show was kinda bad, but after reading the previews for the game it gain a lot of its hype back.

FreeMonk3923d ago

I was eagerly waiting for the first showing of the Single Player Campaign of Halo 3, with the guys at Bungie showing us a level demo of Halo 3 like they did with Halo 2 at E3'04.

Instead we got a crappy 2 minute trailer. The trailer showed nothing spectacular that we hadn't already seen, and was a total disappointment.

If they showed use LIVE what the Brutes AI could do, some new weapons, and then somehow annoucned SP Co-op, I'm sure it would of been accepted more that it did!


RadientFlux3923d ago

The first 15 seconds of the Trailer gave me goosebumps... probably the awesome voice over provided by Terrance Stamp. Still hyped about Halo 3, I enjoyed the plot on the first 2 games.

rusgreim3923d ago

The trailer gave no real idea of the story to come, and the lack of any kind of linear arc in the trailer was unfortunate.

Still, H3 will sell a ton of games and win this Holiday for the 360, possibly the last holiday they will win this generation, so I'm pumped to FINISH THE FIGHT!

Texas GMR3922d ago

But if Gears of War 2 comes out next Christmas, they will win again. GOW is this Generations "Halo" selling type of game. IMO.

rubarb233923d ago

Regardless if the hype died down a bit, we all know this game is going to sell it self faster than a hot hooker on a friday night. lol, seriously though, it's going to be an amazing game. i bet this game alone sells more than all this years ps3 exclusives combined.

Odion3923d ago

oh ya like he said they didn't really need to do much because well its freaking halo.

Also that was the other problem the start with the kickass voiceover made it seem like it was going to show some badass citimatic stuff, then it turned into a montage.

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The story is too old to be commented.