Interview: The Agency

Last month Sony Online Entertainment drew back the curtain on The Agency, an espionage-themed MMOG for PC and PS3 that the developer describes as a "fast-paced online action shooter filled with espionage, intrigue and betrayal" and a "pick-up-and-play experience". CVG caught up with the game's lead designer, Hal Milton, to discover more...

CVG: Exactly how massively multiplayer is The Agency?

Hal Milton: The game world will support many, many people in a variety of public and private social and encounter areas. However, we are not supporting Planetside style encounters with hundreds of players blasting each other at the same time. Our game is about social and encounter areas that support the appropriate number of folks to keep not only the gameplay amazing, but the speed where it needs to be for a real action shooter.

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A probable Beta?...........Interesting