Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Barebones Playlists Added

If you’re tired of getting pounded by killstreak rewards in Modern Warfare 2 you’re in luck because just moments ago Infinity Ward added two Modern Warfare 2 ‘Barebones’ playlists.

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hybridtheory123098d ago

I personally believe this is only part of the deal. What happened to NO PERKS?? i dont care about killstreaks cuz without perks, they are nearly impossible for an 11 or highter KS

DarkSpawnClone3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

how about no perks or kill streaks!

Edit: lol Cod 2 was my favorite actually

Mista T3098d ago

then basically it'd be Call of Duty 2, it seems that the series is going backwards

hybridtheory123098d ago

Id rather go backwards than stay in MW2 to be honest

Mista T3098d ago

I agree, they should get rid of the perks and killstreaks

KingKiff3098d ago

I still won't be picking up this game again.

A little to little and to late for me. I have moved on.

Most of my games go into the 100+ hours each (including COD4/WaW) but I only managed 23 hours total before I got the s**** up with it and moved on.

will113098d ago

i have 24 days on cod4
i have 19 days on cod5
i have 18 days on MW2

i'm a cod addict no joke

ReservoirDog3163098d ago

You should probably try cutting back a little man. No offense, it's just that's a lot of time spent on CoD.

Omega Archetype3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

I want a playlist that has set Killstreaks (like COD4, only three, with no option to change them,) one grenade per person, special grenades, no explosives (ie Rockets, Grenade Launchers,) and limited perks (no Lightweight, no Commando, the knife should be a fallback plan, not a standard way to get kills in a shooter IMO.)

This game is a shooter and you should not be able to run around knifing through bullets. Nor should the enemy be able to magically reach your spawn/side instantaneously. I love the gameplay in this game, it's the most tight and precise of any shooter out there. The biggest thing that I enjoyed from COD, was the use of iron sights. Aiming down the sights like a real person does. Maybe because before I didn't play many FPS, but COD4 quickly became my ultimate FPS bar that has yet to be surpassed.

I still love this game and have put plenty of hours into it, but somethings just anger me about it. If they made a playlist like that, it likely would surpass COD4.

This of course is just my opinion and how I feel a shooter should be. This game still deserves it's critical success, because (regardless of my issues with it,) it's still one of the best shooters available.

HavenOfFear3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

I loved the old school mode in cod4. I think why I loved it so much was that me and my friends would just sit back on the couch and when someone dies, we laugh at the body flying around. It wasn't like we were competitive, but just playing for fun, and bragging rights. Plus, it was like, scramble to get the best things then try to go on a killing spree.

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the-show-stopper3098d ago

i might go back to try them out, although if freaking DICE fixes the freezing problems i dont i will go back

Sigh3098d ago

how about no perks and no killstreaks? See this is the reason why I still think Counterstrike is better than Cod. Just straight up shooting.

0oAngeluso03098d ago

CTF was the main game my clan and I played and they removed it for this stuff. CTF wasn't really a camping game mode and now I really have no reason to play the game. I am greatly disappointed in this new update. I was just starting to say they were fixing the issues and now this.

Leucitanious3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

The hell? I never liked CTF too much but that's really out of order.

MRHARDON3098d ago

They combined it with barebones and they removed Mosh Pit (mix of gametypes) dont worry they might readd CTF as 402 said they might retire Resurgence pack playlists.

Omega Archetype3098d ago

I honestly don't understand how they have a limit on playlists. Why not have main Categories and then sub-Categories? Why limit yourself? I'll never understand IW's logic on that.

Leucitanious3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Sold this crap a while ago, COD4 is still as fun as I remember it, and has a lot of players online, consistently, at all times of the day.

I mean this goes one step, to balancing things. But to balance things you shouldn't have to flat out remove them, we should have had balanced, appropriate killstreak options in the first place. That's before I go onto weapon imbalances like how there's no sway/idle on Assault Rifles, and how ADS got slowed down just so they can add a faster ADS perk.

MRHARDON3098d ago

Is beast! I love it I rebought COD4 yesterday and playing it ever since im on XBL

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