PS3 will get Colin McRae in steelbook edition

Codemasters Europe announced Colin Mcrae on the PlayStation will be released in a special steelbook edition. It is yet unknown if this steelbook-version will include some kind of bonus materials and also the price of this special steelbook edition is still unknown. Hit the jump to see a image of this steelbook-edition.

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SuperSaiyan43920d ago

Total garbage on the 360, without rumble I dont see it playing that well on the PS3 either.

Bring back Rallisport Challenge!!

Chava3920d ago

it gets delayed a bit, so they get us a special edition in return, not bad - especially if it runs as good as (or better) than 360 version.

D_U_I3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

Petter solberg rally is coming 2008 to PS3/PC only, if you remember Richard burns rally, its like a sequel to that.... F*ck colin mcrae. They have killed the series, they went after the money. Meaning it had to appeal to the US market to make that cash, they put arcade physics in the game (before this piece of S*it CM was a sim??) with a bloody yank co driver!!!! where the hell is nicky grist??? Dirt was a bad rip off of motorstorm IMO. And they think glaming up the ps3 version with a metal case will make me happy??? hahaha NO... F*ck off codemasters.

You fail.

Edit: petter solberg rally was anounced on gamespot back in 2006 and that it would be the same developers from RBR. There are no pics or vids at the moment, but it is coming :)

LSDARBY3920d ago

lol your post made me laugh, i was planning on getting this but i played the 360 version round my mates the other day and it was garbage. But i do have to say the menu is AWSOME.

power0919993920d ago

Petter solberg rally?? I have heard NOTHING about this. Is there a website that I can check out?! Images? Info? Anything?

That's exciting. Burns was a well done game. I still have it installed on my PC.

SuperSaiyan43920d ago

When is that supposed to be coming out? Hopefully it will be a lot better.

To me Rally games should have British voicing or for Europe German etc but come on giving us American voicing in a British game which also has POUNDS is extremely messed up.