21 new White Knight Story screens

Sony Computer Entertainment has released 21 new screenshots of Level-5's RPG, White Knight Story. A playable version of the game will be presented at Tokyo Game Show.

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Omega Kaze3891d ago

There are some pretty decent RPG's coming out soon, this, enteral Sonata, Blue Dragon, and Lost Odyssey. The only problem is finding the time and money to spend on them!

Watkins3891d ago

Wish they could release a demo, cause this game looks really good. Hope gameplay is as fun as it looks

timmyp533891d ago

just like the heavenly sword demo =)

Bebedora3891d ago

It's the devs of Dark Cloud/Chronicles serie. I know they can make magic happend in a game. I'm very excited about this game. Said to be multiplay in some form as well?

[email protected]3891d ago

It look fantastic indeed. Me wwant it.

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