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Harvest Moon and Same-Sex Relationships

Harvest Moon DS Cute introduced a revolutionary Best Friends system that allowed the main character to live with a same-sex friend rather than get married. This feature never made it out of Japan, and seems to have completely disappeared from the series now that Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar is due for release. (Culture, E3, Harvest Moon DS Cute , Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar, Industry, Natsume, Nintendo DS)

acronkyoung  +   1869d ago
Great article.
PlainOldGamer   1868d ago | Immature | show
bearsfaan  +   1868d ago
I can't believe I just read an article about Harvest Moon and enjoyed it. Well-written piece.
menoyou   1868d ago | Offensive
ps3gamer11111   1868d ago | Immature | show
smokey_vols   1868d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
BigRedBall  +   1868d ago
Seemed like such a familty oriented game...
Gay farmers. For some reason that make me lol.
ThanatosDMC  +   1868d ago
I'm surprised they dont allow for the farmer to bed their livestock.

I actually like Harvest Moon i usually go for the hottest chick who usually loves alcohol as gifts.
bbretterson  +   1868d ago | Well said
The game doesn't make it explicit at all -- I find it disgusting that merely having two male or two female characters in a relationship together would drive the ESRB rating up to Teen or Mature.
Esena  +   1868d ago
Demons Souls   1868d ago | Offensive
Tolkoto  +   1868d ago
It's always interesting when real-life issues find their way into games. Especially when its a game as seemingly innocent as Harvest Moon.
Sadie2100  +   1868d ago | Well said
Wow...a lot of homophobes here....
HumanStark  +   1868d ago | Funny
Gay relationships in Harvest Moon would be neat. What I really want, though, are dysfunctional relationships. They can be gay, straight, or whatever - as long as they're deeply unhealthy.

Imagine this scenario: Your farmer works all day int he fields. You're tired, but you still manage to go to Cuddle Spring Mountain to pick some fresh lilac flowers and pep berries for the Missus, she means so much to you. She'll take them, but all she wants to do afterwards is watch the weather.

This happens every night for a whole season! Potato crops come but YOU still haven't. Finally, its too much. You head down to the inn and start throwing back a few. More and more. All of a sudden, you wake up in bed with that little red head inventor from down the street.

You don't know how you got there but you don't care. It was time. You mumble your goodbyes and put your wrinkled clothes back on and head home. You enter the farm house, scowling, ready to ask for a divorce. You find your wife in lingere with a beautifully decorated cake on the table.

You didn't even check the calendar today. It was your birthday.

She's been saving herself for you all month, to make it extra special, like your wedding night. As you feel her embrace, she asks why you're crying. You don't tell her. You can't ever.

You know, something like that. Or maybe some cow petting mini-games with the wiimote.
Anon7349  +   1868d ago
Greatest comment I've seen all week!

+1 Funny bubble

You defiantly have some serious writing talent, I almost got a boner until you mentioned cow petting.
Tricksy  +   1868d ago
udderly fantastic
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Caligula  +   1868d ago | Well said
I'm against sheltering children from reality. Removing a same-sex relationship mechanic because it is going to offend someone is simply ridiculous, and the fuel for bigotry.
kingdavid  +   1868d ago
Even though I think same sex relationships have come a long way in western culture, I still dont think the general consensus is that its morally acceptable - especially amongst christians.

If they left it in the game, some soccer mums would be up in arms at what they want their children playing etc.

By leaving it out, they arent taking a risk which is personally what i wouldve done too.
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Esena  +   1868d ago
Christians = soccer mumms?

Are you a parent?
Corrwin  +   1868d ago
God Damn it, just leave games be!
If you want to have same-sex relationships, fine! The sooner we get everybody on the "games are art" bandwagon, the sooner games can't be altered because of trivial (to others) personal life choices.

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