Eurogamer reviews Folklore, score: 5/10

Folklore turns out to be one part boring adventure game, one part underdeveloped collect-em up, and one part standard dungeon crawl. The only aspect of the game that rises above the mundane is its technical polish and the vibrant creativity with which its imaginary worlds have been created - the vivid luminescence of the Fairy World, or the scratchy, Ian Miller-esque authenticity of the War World for example. Apart from that, it's totally average (and in case you're thinking of importing: if you don't read kanji you'll need a translator or to wait for the US/UK version, because the occasional - impressive - cut-scenes are the only bits in English).

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milkyway3790d ago

when everyone hears about this peiople r gonna get mad!


synce3790d ago

I was hyped up for Folklore until playing the demo. Calling it average is actually an understatement. I don't know why I expected more from the guys who did thaose sh*tty ass Genji games.

Maddens Raiders3790d ago

I'll go with the Madden's Raiders review myself, thank you very much.

Now hit the disagree button to make an ass of your unidentified self!lol

psycho3603790d ago

Using bluray games/movies as carpet and what are you using as a door stopper?

Sevir043790d ago

first review was a 9, then they gave it a 6. lol!!! personally Ero gamer isn't that a relaible one if you have 2 rereview a game thats foolish.

hazeblaze3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

I played the demo and I'm definitely looking forward to the game. It's not AAA or anything but it will likely score anywhere from 7-8.5 on Gamespot and IGN. These are the first previewers I've read that don't like it... By the way, Gamespot previewed the import 2 weeks ago and they LOVED it ;-)

San anto3790d ago

wow 5/10 no1 could have seen that comin

Anego Montoya FTMFW3790d ago

the game is CREATIVE but not INTERESTING.

i`d say 6.5/10

Sevir043790d ago

everybody seems to be enjoying the little demos and previews especially, i already have the japanese version but i cant wait for the english version ^^ october 4th i get my RPG fix for this year

Lex Luthor3790d ago

i told you the game was sh!te, twice i tried to play the demo and on both occasions i fell asleep. no lie, seriously.

No wonder why the game flopped in japan. No offence but i didn't like it at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.